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Mishy has diabetes

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Hi there
I ignored the warning signs, thought well maybe its just me. Mishy was drinking a lot more than I could remember, hmm maybe its my imaginiation i kept telling myself. Then i noticed she was losing a lot of weight. Again I thought must be the new food. So I left it and left it for about 3 months.

Well on Monday I took her to the vet. Bingo Diabetes. Her sugar levels were at 24 (whatever that means ) The vet wanted her back the next morning to do a full blood test. Thank goodness her kidney function is normal. I think we caught it on time.

I now have toinject her every night with 4units (4 lines on the syringe) I hate that. I have done it 4 times now and still cant get it right. She went back to the vet this moring for more bloodwork to see if the insulin is working. Jay it is . Her levels are down to 14. He now wants to see her again on Monday.

I wonder if anyone here can give me some hints as to how to inject her without casuing her any discomfort.

Thnak heavens the cost is minimal. It will cost me about R100,oo per month. Converted that is about jsut under $20 including the diabetic food I have to feed her.

Sorry this is so ling, but i look forward to some advice.

Also on what other food I coould give her other than pellets.
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Oh no, thats awful news. Its good that the vet caight it early so there were no complications though . I have no advice for you, but just wanted to send you some good luck for this new situation you and kitty are going to have to get used to
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Glad you made it here, Susi! I'm Coco Poco! This is my "other half". Hopefully, someone will be along soon. I'm no help when it comes to cat diabetes. You might want to search the forum for diabetes to see what you can find, though!
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Hi Susi,

I'm really not familiar with diabetes in cats so can't comment much there, but I do want to say that I'm sure with a little bit of time and practice you will get better and more comfortable giving Mishy her shots.

I am diabetic and could nearly take my shots in my sleep.
There is definitely a difference between taking shots yourself and giving to someone else, be it animal or human. I think giving them requires a bit more resolve.

At one time I gave my cats all their immunizations. I did it one time around and then donated what was left to a local TNR person for those she cares for because as I told her...
"My mate was little help and I got too nervous to put myself through it again."
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Insulin shots need to be given in the subcutanous tissue, just pinch the fat, if your cat is really fat, like your pinching more than an inch u can inject 90 degrees but otherwise 45, the faster the injection the less discomfort it'll cause the more u'r afraid to hurt your cat, the more chances you actually have of hurting her, just trying to do a dart like, fast and smooth action. good luck
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This website has lots of information about treating cats with diabetes: http://www.felinediabetes.com/
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as a human with it, You will get used to giving the shots,
just takes a few days
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I love this site www.gorbzilla.com and
part of the site includes a link to food lists that list the protein, carbohydrate content, calories and more for each of the foods listed. I'm not sure if these are all foods you have access to, but it is worth checking out.

best wishes to you with your kitty,
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How are you and Mishy doing? My Pushka was a diabetic from 11/99-11/05 (when she passed away of cancer at the age of 13) and I sympathize with you. Pushka required two shots a day.

I'm also a diabetic and have been giving myself shots since 1993.

The best advice I can give you is to practice. See if your vet will let a tech monitor you practice on a stuffed cat toy, some soft fruit (like a banana), or what not.

As for giving the meds to Mishy, I would prepare the needle, stick the plunger end in my mouth and hold it like a cigerette, walk up to her, scractch her head and scruff, pull up with scruff, and give her the meds. It does take a while to get used to - and yes Pushka would hide from time to time when she saw me coming with the needle but overall it becomes part of the routine. Dinner, cat naps, play time, cat naps, meds, snack/treat, play time, and bedtime for the human.

Good luck!
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