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Yes, it's hard to believe how big they have gotten; talk about growing bigger every day...even looking back at the initial pic I took of Boo--he had already grown into his ears!

So, they are now eating with Pixel. I got the idea to feed them together in these forums, so that Pixel will associate them with the pleasure of eating. Feeding them together is counterintuitive to me but it works just fine.

Peek will even go up to Pixel when she is eating and Pixel is very tolerant of him; though she did cuff him once. She is NOT so tolerant of Boo and he is more scared of her than Peek is.

But miraculously, Pixel is slowly coming around more each day.

One thing is, I am still baffled as to where Peek came from. He was found around the same litter of kittens that were all captured in cages and given to me. He looks so much different than the rest of them. He has blue eyes, for one thing, and though Boo's eyes are dark blue, his siblings are not blue at all. And Peek looks Siameseish. It seems he is from a completely different litter but we can't figure out how since we haven't found similar cats to him around here!