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Minnie Update

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Minnie has done better since her 10 day course of antibiotics. I think she is happy and she eats although not allot better than nothing where she was when I first posted. She purrs loud and jumps on the bed and sleeps next to me. She is very fussy and will only eat certain flavors of Fancy Feast canned, not the right diet for her kidney failure but won't touch anything really good as I would happily buy her the best if she would only eat it. She has lost allot of weight which is sad but I think she is happy and comfortable and moves freely so we can enjoy more time together. I must admit the antibiotic pills were a disaster and I will never do that again. I gave her one little pill once a day for ten days. She was so squirmy that I am fearful she may have successfully spit some out and while I searched and could not find the pills I am not honestly not sure weather she got all the antibiotics or not, which I feel terrible about. Plus I would finally get her to come to me I would grab her and shove that pill down her which was heartbreaking. Tough love because we love them so much or cruelty?

Thank you for all your support! Kayla
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Sooo happy to hear your baby is doing better. Next time either by a pill gun and let your vet show you how to use it or ask for it in liquid form - much less stressful for you and your baby.

Please give her plenty of XOXOXOXOXO
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