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Thank you everyone! I told Annie about all your compliments and she was so excited!

She is very small - we think that she will stay a tiny thing as she was so young to be a Mummy!

We have been having lots of play time, but because of the meet-up yesterday I haven't had chance to take or post some of the new pictures! I'll try to get some up in the next day or two!

her little white bits do look like a bow, don't they?!
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She is such a sweetie, Sarah, and looks very comfortable in her new home. I'm so pleased for both of you!
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She is a real cutie! I love her wearing the pink feather boa
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Sarah, you are so bad! lol!

I think you have inspired me to get another one.. watch this space!
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What an adorable little girl!
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Ohhh what a sweety - how is the intro going??????
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she's a beauty!
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She's a pretty kitty!!
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Sarah, why do i have the feeling that she's never going to leave your home?
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Fwan - I certainly hope that Annie never leaves Sarahs house!!
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I'd say it's certain that Annie's staying!

Here are some new pictures, now that Annie is completely integrated into the household!

Nothing like a good meal to bring kitties together!

Annie is coming along smashingly with her harness training! (thank you starting it off, booktigger!)

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Annie and Willow have had so much fun playing together with the wand toy!

....even if Annie does like to keep it all to herself!

But after some long hard playing, they like to have a rest!
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Oh Sarah, she looks like she is getting along so well in your home!!

I just love her - she's such a sweetheart!! I especially love her name - how precious
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Awww i'm so pleased Annies settled in well so quickly Sarah Whats the other two like with her?.
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Thanks Mackenzie and Susan!

Annie really has settled really well and quickly too! Tibby and Annie are really getting on amazingly! They wrestle all the time!

Molly is quite nonchalent towards Annie, but Annie pretty much idolises Molly! She will follow her around and mirror her positions!

All in all though, it has been incredibly smooth and I'm so pleased that everyone is getting on so well!

I'll try to get some more pictures of Annie with the others!
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Awww...what beautiful girls you have!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear that Annie is so comfortable in her new home. She is very beautiful, and seems to be very sweet!
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They are lovely pics, I am so glad she has integrated so well (esp seeing as her room has been taken by the next foster!!), and I didn't really do much in teh way of harness training, she tolerated it no probs.
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Looks like she's settling in well, Sarah -- that's terrific! She's such a sweetie, too.
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I just had so much fun looking through this thread! Definitely have a soft spot for those tuxie girls and am so glad to see her doing so completely great in her new home! She's a DOLL!
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