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I have a babie!!! read now its important!!

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ok guys I have one babie should i move the one that was born b4 the other one is born?
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Move it where? Why do you want to move it?
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i didnt want her to step on it but I have the other babie and its a white one
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Don't worry, she knows what she is doing... it's best not to intervene if there are no problems
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i think every things fine.
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Anymore or just two?
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one more is coming now.
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Momma will know what to do. Don't get in her way unless there is trouble. Congrats on your new babies.
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Congratulations !!!! I know you have been anxiously waiting this day ..... good luck and keep us posted .
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How's it going? Did number 3 arrive?
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congrats! any more than 3 yet?
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nope were all done she let me touch the babies and seems realy happy hence the purrring I will have pics of them tonight
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What I did with my queens is sit right there and watch. When she started having contractions for the next one, I gently took out what kittens she had and kept them in a soft bed in my lap and kept them quiet. That way mom could concentrate on the birth of the next without having the others in the way.

If she was too anxious, I'd put the babies back, but she seemed gratful for the babysitting time. After she cleaned up the kitten, then I'd put all of them back with her.

Never had any problems.
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Congrats Joe! So did she have 3 or just the two?
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Thats great !!! You are a Grandpa now . Cant wait to see the pictures.
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Congrats on the new little furries!!
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Yay!!! How is everyone? Any progress? I did what Goldenkitty did, too... and Sneakers didn't mind at all. All her kittens had huge heads, so they all needed help being pulled out... and since we were at a vet's office for the first two, they went ahead and removed the sac, cut the cord, and stimulated them to breathe for us. I only did that for one because it came right after the one before it and Sneakers wasn't tending to it.

She got a hang of the whole mothering thing a little late... now she's more nervous when we handle the kittens, but she still lets us do what we need to do.
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