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Hey guys! Question about the dreaded "F" word (fleas)

I have never had them, but am assuming Brody is the culprit.
I had a couple of bites on my stomach and a coworker said they looked just like flea bites. I told her that was impossible that I have never seen a flea in the house or on Dori or Brody.... but last night I happened to see a flea hopping around on the filing cabinet. The next door neighbors sold their house recently and the new neighbors have dogs. I think it might be possible they came from there Anyway, I checked both animals and didn't see any fleas on them so I am hoping I have caught the problem early. I am going to get Advantage for them both today. I plan to keep Brody on it from now on, but would prefer to use it only this once on Dori. She doesn't go outside and I was hoping that as long as I keep Brody protected the fleas won't come inside on him. Will this work?

Also, we have wood floors throughout the house with the exception of the 3 bedrooms which are carpeted. Do I need to treat the house for fleas, or is treating the animals enough? Other than the flea on the filing cabinet last night, I haven't seen any jumping around. I am very leery to use chemicals inside the house to kill the fleas, so if I MUST use something I need recommendations on something that is 100% safe I don't want to take any chances on poisoning Dori or Brody.
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Tanya, you may want to give your vet a call and see if they have any advice.
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