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Each cat has his/her own bowl.

Stinkie has to have fresh water in a clean bowl (his blue bowl) at least once at night, after his curfew, on the kitchen counter away from the other cats before he will attempt to drink it.

Thumper likes to have her butt petted. She actually backs up to people expecting them to rub her butt. If she gets her way, her front two feet start to kind of jiggle in place.

Each cat has to be walked over to the food bowl before he/she will even think about eating out of it. And if there's dry cat food in there already, more dry has to be added first. So yea, we do all that.

We have the scratching posts, the cat beds, the catnip (moderately), the cat toys, brushes, combs, treats, etc. scattered all over the house.

Even though we have cat beds, they insist on sleeping in the real bed. If one of them takes your spot, then your either going to scoot over or sleep in the floor because there is no way I'm allowing the royalty to be disturbed.

Sometimes when they are outside, they decide to come knocking on the front door for me to let them in, go through the house to the back door, and meow for me to let them out, so that they don't have to walk all the way around the house from the front yard to the back yard. (Oh, and Stinkie has actually learned how to open the screen door from inside or outside! I'm so proud! )