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Friday Thread!! July 7 2006

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Good MOrning/afternoon everyone!! I hope everyone has a great day. I am determined to. I am not going to stress myself or worry about anything today. What I get done at work is what I get done and what I don't can wait until Monday!!

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Good Morning everyone!

We are supposed to have gorgeous weather until Sunday afternoon, so I hope to get the rest of the mulching done I'll be heading outside soon.
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Morning all... I've decided to take a half a day at work. I'm going to stay home and be with my husband.

I have to work tomrrow, but I do have Sunday off!!! I'm really looking foward to it too
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Good Morning Gang!

It is beautiful & sunshiny in the city today! I hope it stays this way all weekend... I have important sun worshipping I have to do! No plans for the weekend...just R&R. Maybe a little shopping... we'll see!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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Rather busy weekend for us. My birthday today, Dad's birthday Sunday, Wife's birthday Monday, plus our granddaughter and my sister and BIL are coming to visit. Hope I have time to pop in now and then.
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Good morning

It's just after 8am here and the sun is shining. The weekend is supposed to be really nice too....not too sure what I'm doing yet though.

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!!

Another sunny day but once again we sure could use some rain. The sprinkler is on the veg garden and in a little bit I'll start another one in another garden area.
Just doing some weeding and picking up around garden shed today.
Had an appt last night and I should go to a nursery to price some trees for this client.
My achilles tendon has been swollen the last couple days-I iced it last night which made it feel worse!! So I don't know what I should do or why its swollen. Eek my body is just falling apart.!!!
Not much else going on!!

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Its Friday!!!

Got a busy weekend ahead of us - tonight we are going to the new Pirates of the Caribean movie (I think?) or heading out to the fair a few towns over.

Tomorrow we are getting up early and heading to the Wisconsin Dells!! I haven't been there since I was like 12, so I'm pretty excited to go. My Grandparents, Aunt & Cousin are going for a long weekend, so John & I are going to meet them over there Saturday adn I'm going to stay overnight with them until Sunday

Oh well, today better go fast cuz I'm ready for a weekend.

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!
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Yoo hoo everyone

My day is over in 3 hours, wey hey!!!!

I'll be getting my things ready tonight for the UK meet up tomorrow because i have to leave early to catch my train
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Oh you guys are all going to have a wonderful time! I am jealous!! You get to meet all the UKers!! I want to meet everyone!
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Good afternoon/morning everyone!

It's a lot cooler here today and it's overcast! Hopefully it will sunny up again for the weekend!

Today, I'm just tying up some loose ends and cleaning!

Tomorrow, though, is the UK TCS meet-up, so I'll have to drag myself to the station for 9am! It promises to be a fun day - I'll have a camera full of pictures by the time I get back!

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!
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I am so glad that it's Friday!! I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend.

My husband and I are going to watch Pirates 2 tonight and I can't wait!!

Then on Sunday we are having a huge 50th bday party for my Mother-in-law..... (which I am helping decorate on Saturday)

So once again I have a busy weekend!!
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Good morning and Happy Friday!!!!!

I am leaving work 2 hours early to go camping at the beach!!

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Things seem to be better this am/pm. I helped my daughter put together a puzzle and we have been discussing making a trip down to the local park with the kids for some outdoor playtime.

It seems the whole house has a headache. Me, I've had a migraine for two days. My daughter is reading over my shoulder and asked what I meant by typing out playtime.

Oh the joys of a child that's learning to read. Gotta love it.

all and all I'm feeling more balanced this morning.

Well Gotta go...just wanted to stop by and say I'm still alive.
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Good afternoon all you fine cat lovers

This weekend is coming fast...they come fast now that I don't actually WANT to be at home Funny how that works eh?

I have a family gathering on Sunday which will be fun because all my cousins are the same age as me, so really its just a party. And tomorrow, I think I'm going out for lunch with my uncle,and I LOVE lunch!!

I am currently on hold with Rogers trying to downgrade my services...Grr

Have a good day peeps!
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Good late-morning everyone

I was having some emotions come out of me last night and I did some soul searching so I didn't go to bed until 3 am or later then I was out.

Anyways, today DH works overtime and said he should be home by 12:30 and then we have to buy the black and silver accent paints and finish up our room finally and do the grocery shopping and stop at the bank.

Dh's parents want us to go to their house this weekend (3 hour drive one way) again. I don't know if we will or not. My Gracie is out there and I'd love to go visit.

Everyone else's weekends sound great!
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I hope everyone has a great weekend!

No big plans myself, maybe lounge by the pool with a cooler or two...
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