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I went out to the garbage can this morning to throw out some trash and when I opened the can a rat ran out from underneath the can through a hole he chewed in the plastic bin and scurried off into the bushes. If there was any room I'd put the bins in the garage but there's hardly enough room for the car!

Is there a way I can repell rats?
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Here's a link to a site that has a variety of products to repell various animals including rats, YUCK!!! http://www.pest-control-supplies.com...g_products.htm
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Gross! Thanks for making my skin crawl. Hopefully there aren't a ton of them around. My mother is having an awful problem with rats in her yard. They have been traced to some warehouse that is outside of her townhouse complex. She is having a heck of a time getting rid of them. One problem is that there is a fountain that she has in her yard that they are using as a water source. She has been told to put chlorine in the water to kill them.
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This is probably not even true, but it is kinda funny nonetheless....i heard if you put pepsi or coke out in a little bowl, and they drink it...they will explode, because they can't burp or fart like we can!!!! :LOL: ( I seriously heard that.... )
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Debby, I've heard that too! If you give them something carbonated they will die. Its worth a try, and its inexpensive too!
Hope you can solve your rodent problem, Jessica!:tounge2:
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Wouldn't want to be around when those rats are exploding... :LOL:

Guess it's actually kind of mean, but no worse than rat poisen.

I love pet rats, but the wild ones...ugggg....and they carry diseases. Best to get rid of them, no matter how. Hubby would say it was good target practice. :tounge2:
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LOL I guess it's not really funny but I couldn't help but chuckled at your cola post Debby. Oi, I feel bad now..... I just hate having them around not to mention they ruined my trash bin!! I guess it's worth a shot, maybe I'll give it a try.

I'm wondering if they're all over the neighborhood or just my yard since we do have a pond in the backyard. I couldn't put anything in the water though because it would kill the fish.

Oh and Brian has already tried using them for target practice.... With his paintball gun.
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If they're painted, they'll make easier targets for a BB gun or .22. Too bad you can't get lead-based paint - THAT would poison them!
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