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How often do your kittens cry/meow?

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Our one kitten that is over 3 weeks old now is finally starting to get really needy with how much attention he gets. At first, he would just want to sleep if he wasn't being fed, but now when we go into the bathroom, he starts crying and trying to climb out of the enclosure (although if I move it, he doesn't necessarily come right to me, he just walks around aimlessly ).

He cries until he's fed, then he's quiet for about a couple minutes, at which point he starts crying again for more, and sometimes I even have to let him drink from the bottle a third time to be full and get the amount he's supposed to have. He'll also cry more to let me know he needs to pee and poop, and then he's usually good for like 10 minutes. But he will then start to cry again after he gets to play a little bit, and he'll cry out whether I play with him, don't touch him, or put him back in his enclosure. Is it normal for them to do this as a way of saying they just want to be put back in their comfortable bed to go back to sleep?

Also, he seems to hate being picked up and carried around. When I carry him from the bathroom to our couch, he cries really loud like he is terrified. Should I just try to feed him on the bathroom floor, or would it do him more good to continue getting him accustomed to the smells in the area of the apartment where we usually are located (as well as our other animals, to get him used to the smells)?
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What color is he? He's not deaf, is he? I ask because often deaf kitties meow inappropriately or unusually loudly.

I don't know this for sure, but do you burp him afterwards? I think I read that they might need burping after a feed? I also think you should let him wander around a bit more. Let him find his own way to the couch, THEN feed him.

Hope someone else has some advice!
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He might be crying out of thirst, not hunger. Does he drink any additional water, or just kitten formula?
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I think three weeks is when they really find their voices. I know mine started meowing and chirping a lot when they got that age. The would meow every time I walked past their pen.

Now that they are out (I should say climbed up and over) at five weeks they became less meowy. Now at almost eight weeks they only meow now and then. None of them really like being held or picked up. They love to cuddle next to you and LOVE to be petted. Very affectionate bunch. They just don't like to be picked up and held. I think they are all afraid of heights because they don't mind so much if I am sitting on the couch but they meow like I am going to murder them if I pick them up and hold them while stading and I am short
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Depends on the kitten. With Ling, she's pretty mouthy (the oriental/siamese in her) and was from the very beginning - she was first out of the box and sat at your feet screaming at you to be picked up first.

She still is a talker - having opinions on EVERYTHING
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