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My girl Church ~ long post

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Well, I wasn't going to post a lot about my cat Church as I am rather ashamed of the whole thing.... however, it is driving me crazy not to be able to talk about it with other cat lovers.
It's kind of a long story.... but to try to sum it up, Church is a cat who was born in my house almost 2 years ago. Her mother was a cat that belonged to a woman who was going to drown her in the river. The woman was not right in the head at all, she wasn't sure if the cat was sick (big belly, skinny cat, woman obviously knew nothing about cats) and couldn't afford to take it to the vet and was going to drown her. Needless to say, I took the cat home, had her cared for medically, got her back into healthy shape and a couple of weeks later she delivered 5 kittens. We helped her raise the kittens, we made sure the mom and 4 of the kittens who had new homes were spayed and neutered, and kept one kitten. That kitten was Church. We ran out of money after all the vet bills in trying to do the best for these cats, and I had planned on spaying Church in a few months. One thing after another happened in our lives, everything from my car breaking down, my appliances kicking the bucket one after the other, I had abdominal surgery, we moved, vet bills for one of my other furkids, then xmas came along etc... it just didn't seem to end. Church ended up getting pregnant a couple of months after her first birthday. I am one of those who just can't bring myself to spay a pregnant cat... so I swore to myself I'd get her spayed as soon as possible after her kittens were weaned and gone to new homes. She had 4 kittens, 3 of which are spayed/neutered and have excellent homes. One of which we still haven't found a home for, he had a home lined up but the woman who was going to take him was diagnosed with cancer and asked me to hold onto him for a while until her treatments were done. I felt awful for her, and said of course we would, but he is 6 months old now and still here. We've been calling him Ben.
Anyway, I think because time flew by so quickly, and because Church still had a kitten here, when her kittens were only 4 months old, Church got out and became pregnant again. We found her under the deck with two male suitors, a flame point siamese, and a brown tabby and white long haired cat. I've been kicking myself about it ever since. When she went into heat I even made sure there were 3 doors separating her from the outdoors, she is not normally allowed outside anyway, but I knew how determined she could be, so I did everything I could think of to prevent it. She is such a determined cat though, I should have known better.... she got out around May 4th, so is on her 64th day now. This time her spay is paid for in advance, and as soon as her kittens are weaned she will be going in to the vet.
I just can't believe it happened... I raised siamese cats for years, I have done rescue myself for years, and am a huge advocate of spay and neuter.
Just goes to show you, no matter how good intentioned you may be, no matter how experienced you may feel, no matter how many precautions you may take.... the ONLY way to prevent pet overpopulation is to spay and neuter your pets!
Anyway, despite my guilt,. what's done is done, and I cannot help but feel joy for the little ones about to share our lives. I do love raising kittens.... and wanted to be able to share the wait for labor to begin, the experience of her having them, etc... but also felt a need to make a point.
One on hand, I of all people knew better... but things happen, and all we can do is make the best of it, try to do what's best for these new lives we've allowed to be born, and keep in mind how many are born that never get that chance. Spaying and neutering, encouraging your friends, family, coworkers to spay and neuter... donating your time, money, or effort to your local animal rescue or humane society etc... all helps.
I'm looking forward to raising these babies Church will soon show into the world, and wish everyone else expecting kittens the best of luck, healthy moms and babies, and quick recoveries after their cats spays and neuters!

Sorry for the long post, I've been holding all this in for 64 days!
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No one is perfect. You still took care of them, and are still doing your best. Spaying and neutering your pets is the best thing that you could ever do for them. It helps to keep them healthy, and prevent overpopulation. Less kittens will suffer out there if you do your part and prevent it from happening. Also, never having much money I've found ways to help with getting them spayed and neutered. PLEASE never go to the M.A.R.X. mobile animal clinic for spays and neuters. My sister's cat Mouse and his brother, my cat Blue were traumatized. The sedation they were under was so heavy that it took about a week for them to finally start looking normal again. My cat was terrified and hid under and in everything he could find. They also shaved their areas around which of course made them itch and lick more than they normally would have. They eventually got so sick that they neither one would move or eat, drink, go to the bathroom. For all intents and purposes they were dead. But intense praying and never giving up on them saved their lives. Today they are still not the same as they used to be, but they're alive. And I thank God everyday for that. Not all cheap things are good. In fact, I wouldn't trust one that was cheap. There is an animal clinic around my area that I took my other cat, his brother, two strays and my other sister's cat Splash to that did a wonderful job. And I did it through a voucher from the League for Animal Welfare. Depending on your income you may be able to get help spaying and neutering your pet. When they got home they were perfectly fine, except for the tad bit of disorientation from the anesthesia. Please take the best care of your animal, they deserve it. Learn from others mistakes so they won't have to be repeated.

Keep on loving,
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You have a wonderful soul to keep doing what you are doing with everything that has happened in your life. Stop beating yourself up over it. Things happen that are beyond our control. Just make sure that this is the time that it gets done. And take a deep breath. Church is very lucky to have a loving mom like you.
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I'm glad you finally shared your news!

I disagree about inexpensive spays/neuters. I have a vet nearby who does $75 spays and neuters as a community service. He is a horse vet, but does small animal surgery and vaccinations some mornings. He speutered all our barn cats and dogs over the past years.

And my current vet does $25 speuters of ferals one day a week. It is the same surgery I pay full price for my house pets, but again, he offers it as a community service. I'm not saying every low cost vet is good quality, but the ones near me are doing it out of their sense of community.

Whats done is done. You have to deal with the pregnancy. I applaud you for your years of rescue, and that you have money set aside for Church to be spayed when the kittens are weaned!
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Don't hate yourself too much - you did your best at the time. At least this time will be the last litter. When I married DH, he had no spayed/neutered barn cats and so they continued to have litters. One by one we finally got all of those staying spayed/neutered. We lost some (living in the country).

We all do our best to spay/neuter as quick as possible (if not in a purpose breeding program of pedigrees). Ling was kept inside since 5 weeks old and spayed at 8 months old. Had she been outside, I know she would have gotten pregnant a lot sooner (her mom did at 7/8 months old).
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Thanks for your replies.....

I am still waiting patiently (not ) for signs of labor. Today should be her 65th day. Still no discharge, temp last night was 100.4, and although she is showing nesting behaviors, she's not staying put in any one place so I don't think it's going to be soon. I'm hoping by later tonight she'll really settle in.
She really hates me checking her temp... but doesn't seem to resent me after so I'll take it again later.
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I just took her temp now and it has dropped by almost a full degree since last night, down to 99.5
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Very soon now. With mine, I'd see if I could express some of the milk. If so, she would have them within 48 hrs None of my cats likes getting temp taken, especially the pregnant ones!
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Yes, she's had her milk in for a couple of days now...

I had a cat once who leaked milk for a good ten days before she delivered. It was her third (and last) litter though, and she always had big litters too, 7 or 8 kittens. That last litter were all really fat kittens, she had tons of milk for them.
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