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Getting spayed

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Oh my goodness...

So, about a month ago Marishka went in for her boosters. We talked dates on when to spay (I was hoping for within the month, she wanted Marishka to get to 5 pounds), I said ok, we come home. I made the appoitment today to get the rest of her boosters on Wednesday. As long as she gained a little weight, the vet said we can have her spayed right away and hopefully beat her ever going into heat. Well...guess who I am about 99% positive is in heat?

I've never had a female cat. I've never seen a cat in heat. I cannot believe how annoying/sad/weird this all is, lol. She's sitting there crying, rubbing her butt on my furniture, and I'm pretty sure she 'sprayed' the doorway! How long does this last? Will the vet go ahead and spay her if she is in heat? Oh, and she keeps darting outside! She never does that! Then she just sits there and meeeeeooooooooooooows until you can catch her. She's either really affectionate, or sitting in the window crying!

heh, I've got an early class tomorrow which I can't fall asleep for, and all I can do is worry about her and this meeeeeeeoooooooooooow-ing...constantly.
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usually lasts 7-10 days...or did with my girls. If shes darting out you really should get her further inside(a bathroom that would make cleaning her spray up easier and make sure the window is secure) Or if you have a dog cage. Some vets will spay in heat and some won't(mine doesnt like to but never had issue-as I took cat out of heat by driving to the vet on an empty stomache(the cats vet is about 10 miles away). RJ
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