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feel free to add us!

Buster http://www.dogster.com/?75989

Ginger http://www.dogster.com/?75998

Jenny http://www.dogster.com/?76032

Rocky http://www.dogster.com/?76046

Buddy (RB) http://www.dogster.com/?76050

Miagi http://www.catster.com/?75999

and last but certainly not least.. Tiger http://www.catster.com/?123954
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Oh wow, what a fun website! I'm putting in Stumpy as we speak
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I love Tiger's first photo!
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Here is Katie's page on Catster: http://www.catster.com/?256146
Remember to leave Katie a treat!

In Honor of my sweet Simba (RIP Simba) here is his page on Catster: http://www.catster.com/?256197
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Here's my LuckyGirl's catster page if anyone wants to add her:
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Originally Posted by sarahp
I love Tiger's first photo!
thanks, that's one of my favorties of him.

I requested to be pals with you all.
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all post link to my cats later
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http://www.catster.com/pet_page.php?j=t&i=348809 come be my friend
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Here are mine! Please add them, they have no friends yet! I'm still trying to figure out how everything works.


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