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Inappropriate peeing

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My 3 yr old cat, Joey, has a habit of peeing on things. Before you ask, no, it isn't a UTI. He has been examined by the vet. It is intermittent, but the pattern I see is that he seems to mark things, i.e. clean laundry. He is neutered. Any suggestions on eliminating this behavior? It's driving me nuts.
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Deb, do you think he is spraying or peeing? Is it only on clean laundry or is it on other things as well? If you think he has pee problems check out this old thread for some ideas.


If he only seems to pee on clean laundry, it could be that he doesn't like the fact that it no longer has his scent. Therefore, what you can do is to keep a towel around that you rub him with often. Once the towel has his scent you can either just put it on top of your clean laundry OR you can even try tossing it into the drier with the clean clothes (though I'm not real sure that would work). The main idea is that if he his putting his scent on things from which you have just removed the scent, this may do the job. Oh....also, he may hate the smell of your detergent or fabric softener. You can try changing brands to see whether that helps.

Good luck!!!
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