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Cat Genie

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Have you all seen this new item? A co-worked told me he saw it on HGTV last night on the program I Want That! It's a litter box that you never have to change the "litter", you never have to touch anything, or buy litter. Check it out here....


There is a link on the right side "how it works" that shows an animated demo of the box. Enjoy!
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I dont think my cats would like any part of that.
Although I personally LOVE IT already, my kitties wouldnt. That's too much technology for litter boxes.

Scoop dearys. Scoop.
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I've heard horror stories about similar boxes. I'll stay with scooping and finding the ocassional littergranule twenty feet from the litterbox.
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I was just thinking that it would probably scare Bubbles away from the litter box and Leela would like think it was a toy and wanna play with it while it was cleaning

As it is somehow both cats KNOW when I'm scoping or cleaning their box and have to come inspect it and make sure I do a good job.. or at least mess it up again!
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Is it just me or does the cat in the picture have the "I don't know if I want to use this" look.
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I don't trust anything that fancy! Far too complicated - the more parts there are to something the more opportunites there are for it to stop working, imo. I'll stick to scooping! Besides, if it has to be connected to a water supply that's going to limit where you can put it and we all know our kitties have their own ideas about where the litter box should be!
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That's awefully small looking, I think Cody would get stuck in one of those! LOL!
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Yeah, I think Oliver would freak out.... although I think he'd be a little better with that one, where you chose when it cleans by pushing the button, as opposed to like litter maid, where it decides when it's gonna clean after the cat leaves the box.... he'd understand it more if it only went when mama pushed a button... it looks really cool though - but it's mucho bucks and I think it's kinda weird that I'd have to have like a water/toilet hook up for my litter box! We're good with our $12 covered walmart litter box for now, haha.... I'll be the scoopin slave for quite awhile, I'm sure!
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