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Nina's babies are 1 month old

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They are soooo adorable. We still don't have any names so...please feel free to throw out a few suggestions



They have the bluest eyes, I had to edit the red out. The second one looks just like Cassidy did at that age. #1 has white feet while his brother has grey socks. They are so sweet too!
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They are most certainly adorable, i want to bite them lol.. They are growing beautifully. Great job..
I love the name Blossom or Hmmm.. Miss Mew.. (my mom wants to name one of my new borns that don't ask(she's a crazy cat lady))
Lots of Love from:
the soon to be
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Oh Amy I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cutie! Think I am going to come steal #1 with the white feet and white on his nose. Think I will call him Rascal as he looks like a little rascal.
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Oh my! What gorgeous kittens. Are they dark blue or lighter blue? I can't tell from the pics....
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hahah-Junior- he is a rascal, he hisses from time to time and it makes me laugh. Soooo scarey

KCM- I love the names but they are both males. My boys wanted Sampson and Clark or Clark and Kent. I was hoping for something more exotic

Godiva- I'm not sure what is dark or light, but they are definetly blue!
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Amy---- well you only have to name one of them. because I am really stealing that first little boy. since we didn't have any babies here (still no heat though very odd!) we need one around. LOL he reminds me of my dusty only she has a bit more white and is FAT. LMAO!
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Junior- this has been a long road for you! I wonder what is up? Nina had silent heats, could Angel be having silent heats?
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Not sure if she would suddenly have a silent heat after 1 1/2 yrs of LOUD obnoxious heats. LOL and (yes I am bad) I keep rubbing her back to see if she does the walking in place thing with but in the air and NOPE. before even just a normal pet or holding her her feet would be doing butt high in the air....... there is just NOTHING now. mainly SLEEPING. she will get up for snuggles every so often, or to play for 5 min then back to sleep. She used to be the BIGGEST PITB before she got out. I mean attack all the other kitties 24/7, into everything, my little ones would go to pet her and she would swat at them with full claws out. now she sleeps, goes up to my kids for loves and snuggles all over both of them, plays with the other cats here and there. is a MAJOR snuggle bunny with me and even climbs up on my desk for loves and she was never THAT bad (loved loves and such but it is alot more now). it is just sooooooooooo strange. it has been 66 or 67 days since she came home and that was the LAST time she could have gotten pg. but Sat will be 11 weeks with NO heat.
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Ahh, Sorry, Maybe you should name one Indigo-- I love that name.. or just visit a cat naming site.

-Hope they help
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I like Indigo, that is an unusual name...thanks
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY
I like Indigo, that is an unusual name...thanks
No Problem.. I love the name Indigo, espcially becuz they have blue eyes..
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Awww they are so cute
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