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Mine all are indoor/outdoor, but they are kept a close eye on! And well Callie, I have never been able to keep her inside, only to eat and thats it! Last night she slept in all night, I was shocked. The others I always make sure they are back in by dark.
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Mine are 100%, strictly indoors. Our apartment complex doesn't really allow cats, but we got an exception! Yay!
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Originally Posted by huggles
mine are indoor/outdoor. They can go outdoors whenever they want during the day but from dusk to dawn they are strickly indoors.
Me too - it is reasonably safe (touch wood) where we live, and they all adore being outside.

I keep a closer eye on Molly and Sláine because they are more vulnerable, but Bobby and Slayer can spend nearly as much time outside during daylight as they like. When we own our own property (very soon, I hope) I plan to get a Purrfect fence installed for them so they can enjoy the outside in safety.

They are all microchipped.
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