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Are your kitties indoor or outdoor or both?

Mine are mainly indoor but we do let them in the yard (supervised of course ) they have collars, tags and microchipped
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Reilly is indoor
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Mine are indoor at all times, but they're still microchipped, just in case.
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Kipper & Mushi have never been outside other than one occasion.

We had a friend move in, and he left the door open.

Brandon found them both sitting on the stoop facing the road, just staring with blank faces. They were too scared to go any further.

Except now Kipper wants to go out there so badly. Silly kitties.
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My kitties go outside all the time on leashes and harnesses. They are microchipped and have tags, as well. Plus, I live in the country, so it's a bit easier as far as traffic and cat stealers go.
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Mine are indoor only. Twig has some weird fettish for the outdoors though. He hasn't been out there since he had his tramatic experience with a harness and leash awhile ago. Suffice it to say, something scared him, he got off it, tore my arm to shreds and took off. Thankfully he had the smarts to run inside while my friend ran to get Brad to help me look for him. ( notice that I wasn't concerned with my arm until AFTER I found Twig, then I needed to bandage it. It was torn up badly. Blood dripping everywhere. Pretty nasty, but it healed amazingly with no scars.) After that, noone went outside unless it was in a carrier and only if it was going to the vet.
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mine are indoor/outdoor. They can go outdoors whenever they want during the day but from dusk to dawn they are strickly indoors.
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Harley & Davidson are indoors. We take Harley outside on his leash and harness supervised on our patio, but not Davidson yet, he's too tiny to even find a collar for him yet!
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All my cats are indoor/outdoor.
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indoor/outdoor but I go out and look for them if they aren't back in a half hour. so they have a time limit outside. I am so paranoid.
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Originally Posted by huggles
mine are indoor/outdoor. They can go outdoors whenever they want during the day but from dusk to dawn they are strickly indoors.

Thats pretty much what we do with Tiger and Reilly... They never leave the yard.. or should I say the tree .. I let Jake out there with them alot and he's the big bad body guard.
Last night tiger was in the driveway when a neighborhood bully(whom my neighbor and I have been trying to catch) tried to start fighting w/Tiger. I went over to them with the broom and was shooshing the other cat away when Jake opened (yes, literally opened) the gate and chased the other cat away. I had to chase Jake 2 houses down . On our way back he walked up to Tiger on our walkway and licked him like "I got your back little buddy" and they both walked to the door. Reilly was sitting on the front step and stood up when Jake came towards her. I opened the door and Jake nudged Reilly's butt into the house...That shows ya how cats think... Mine have a BODYGUARD!
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My Mittens is strictly indoors. She's never tried to go outside, we even accidently left both doors open (our suite door and the outside door) and she went up to the outside door sniffed and high tailed it back into the house. She seems very content to lay on a blanket I've fold for her in the windowsill (window does not open) and soak up the sun.
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My boys are strickly indoors.

I won't ever have an indoor/outdoor cat again.. not after my poor Sabestian was killed.. :\\

Cars aren't the only hazard.. other animals, people.. it's a harsh world out there. I wouldn't let a little kid walk around by itself out there.. so I would never let an animal.
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Zissou is allowed out on her harness with me occasionally. Other than that, absolutely indoors only. I could never live with myself if I was responsible for any harm that came to her because I let her out.
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Pudge is indoor. We live right on a road which gets quite a bit of truck traffic and a lot of busy spells.
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My two plus my two long term fosters are indoor/outdoor. No need to worry about neighbourhood cats, one of mine is the neighbourhood bully!!! i do live in a very quiet area though, and they all go the opposite way to the road. I do worry about Molly though, as she likes climbing the wall, and I do start looking for them if I haven't seen them in about half an hour, except for Ginger cos he is normally in my neighbours house.
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All of mine are strictly indoors. After loosing Sylvestor to a snake bite, you really realize anything can happen, so noone goes outside, period.
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both of ours stay indoors
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Lukas is primarily indoors-he goes out on porch when I'm outdoors with him occassionaly he'll be on porch when I'm in kitchen but he doesn't leave porch -comes to window & meows to come back in-
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Mine are indoors, but we have daily 'walkies' on harness and leash in the garden!
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Mine are indoors, Since visiting Tricia, the kitties love it on the balcony!
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All of my cats have always been indoor, I will never have an outdoor kitty.
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Indoors only for her majesty the princess. Although, I am considering getting her a harness/leash for when we feel like sitting in the front yard. As of right now, she shows NO interest in going out, and freaks out when I have to take her to the vet.... I think she's afraid we're gonna return her to the wild. No more manicures, no milk with breakfast, no silk comforter to sleep on, a girl's gotta maintain her style you know?
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Indoor/outdoor. Bakker is limited to his outdoor time as he doesn't like to come when you call for him. Bobber is our queen hunter so she loves it outside. Grizzly rests under some tree/shrub during the day as I don't see her too much and Ox being the old man-well he needs his daily catnip fix but does spend alot of time sleeping inside. But when the weather cools down and there is snow on the ground they all have their butts parked up by the woodstove!!
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Mine are indoors. I would worry too much if I let them outside.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Zissou is allowed out on her harness with me occasionally. Other than that, absolutely indoors only. I could never live with myself if I was responsible for any harm that came to her because I let her out.
Ginger is the same. Out with me on harness & leash occasionally, but indoor only.

Since she got out by accident over the weekend, she has been terrified to go anywhere near a door that leads to the Outside.
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Mine are all indoor/outdoor but two of them rarely go outside. They just prefer to be indoors.
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Mine are indoors only. If/when I have a garden they will have controlled access to a garden with catproof fencing or an outdoor enclosure.
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Indoor & outdoor - but there is a definate pattern. In the winter months they all stay in the house at night time - ON MY BED !! (all 3 of em ) As soon as summer rolls in, my two girlies are defo outdoor cats all day and all night, they mooch in and out for food etc, but they find a lovely shading spot to snooze. The boy, Big Guy Dino is just a lazy old thing and, well cant bear to be further that 3 foot from his mum ! ME !
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The indoors cats go outside on harness & leash on the deck only under my supervision 1 at a time. The garage cats go outside for playtime under my supervision(off leash). Then again, the ones in the garage are too lazy to go anywhere. They walk out the door & plunk down in the sunshine. When you have 8 cats playing all day & night in the garage, they don't want to do anything when they actually get to go outside!
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