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DT for Sunday June 23

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I really hope everyone is having a good weekend! I had a three day weekend and its been kind of yucky so far. It started raining Thursday evening and continued into Friday with a few violent thunderstorms which resulted in about six inches of rain. We have a shallow little river running through my town, and all that rain resulted in our second 100 year flood in three years! On Saturday, the weather was sunny and warm and absolutely beautiful! The river receded, and I spent most of the day outside, doing errands, shopping, visiting friends and gardening, it was great!! Now it's Sunday, and the yucky weather is back!!!! We just had another violent thunderstorm (like we needed it), it's still really overcast and dark, I hope that doesn't mean we will get more rain!

Have a nice day everyone!

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Awww, sorry to hear that...but don't you cry and make matters even worse by adding more water (ok, bad humour, sorry )
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I don't mean to complain, but they're predicting a chance of rain every day for the next week. We don't need more rain right now, and some states out west have wildfires burning. It would be nice if at least some of this rain could go to those states instead. Of course, I don't have anything to say about this so I'll shut up.
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I could send some sun, it has been way too warm here lately, week a go it was +36C! I actually hope it would rain already a bit! But it doesn't sound nice that it might rain everyday for the next week... Yeah, I wish too that rain would go to Arizona and Colorado, they sure could use it badly!
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Hi guys! Sorry about the bad weather there, Lorie...that stinks.

We are heading for Missouri soon with the kids to buy a bunch of fireworks for the 4th.

Got the baby's room almost done yesterday.....yaaaaaay!!!!!! I am still waiting on the changing table I ordered from e-bay, and the curtains this lady is making me, but other than that...we are done with that room!

Hope everyone has a GREAT day today!!!!
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I did yoga again today. I think I could really get into this. When it's over I feel exhausted, but relaxed. It's a nice feeling. Went tanning afterwards. I don't have the patience to lay out in the sun.

My italian crockpot chicken is cooking and I'm going to make a cream of mushroom soup today as well. I figured since the crockpot is doing most of the work on my chicken I had time to try another new recipe and this soup sounds good. I just made pancakes for the S/O so it looks like I will be spending a good portion of this day in the kitchen.

Hoping to have a relaxing, productive sunday. wishing you all the same.
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Another ho-hum Sunday: grocery shopping then, work. The no-class customers are gearing up for tomorrow's full moon. At least, the store closes an hour earlier, tonight. I am waiting for my VA pension to start and I'm outa there! Lorie, send some of that rain down here. The two fires in the White Mts. have merged into the largest fire in the country. The town of Showlow was evacuated last night - 10,000 people! A lot of people are going to lose their homes and summer cabins.
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Cindy, that's terrible, those poor people!!!!! Like I said earlier, I wish you guys could get some of the rain we've been getting. I don't want a drought, but too much rain isn't good either.
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