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I just noticed Marlee has a very bad dandruff problem right now! I had noticed a few white spots here and there when I petted her, so I went and bought a brush thinking it would help. Well every time I brush her it just seems to get worse! What do I do? Is there some kinda shampoo I can try and bathe her with or something?
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Bathing will dry her out. I wouldn't recommend doing that, at least not right away.

Weight and food are important factors in causing dandruff. What brand of food are you feeding her? She should be on a high quality cat food. Is she overweight? They cannot properly groom themselves sometimes when they are overweight.

You can also add some oils to her diet but I am not sure which ones, so I cannot help there. As your vet, search on here or wait until someone else asks. This question has been asked and answered many times before so search for a thread. But if you are feeding a bad food and the cat is fat, I would start with correcting those problems before putting oil in her diet.
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She is eating Nutro Natural Choice food, and I do not believe she is overweight....she weighs about 9 lbs I believe. It is getting close to time for her one year check up, I may just try and make it a little early. Thank you and I will try and search for some old threads
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fish oil or olive oil... NC has loads of omega 6 but not always the perfect 3 leval
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