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I just realized

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I just realized that I never posted introduction pictures...I did post a link to the photo album, but it doesn't tell you anything; so, here goes.....

This is Turvy Demeter, grand matron of the Jellicle Tribe. Now retired as Head Tabby Cat in Charge (HTCiC), she has claimed the sunroom as her own and spends her time chilling out in there, sometimes with a jellicle or two of her choice for company.

Currently running the show is Diva Etcetera. Found by my mom on the farm as a kitten, she was raised by Demeter

The house muscle is Mischief Mistoffolees, a tall, jet black streetwise ex-stray. He used to bum meals off an entire neighborhood until a nice lady bundled him up and took him to the shelter. I stopped there one day to drop off some donations, and somehow, Mischief fenagled a ride home with me.

Blondie Rumpleteaser was a nearly starved kitten when a co-worker found her on his farm. She was trying to gnaw pieces from a feed block made for cows. He split a sandwich with her and called me...

Hobo Skimbleshanks, got his name because he rode into the rail dock of the plant where I work on a freight train. He travelled 600 miles inside a boxcar to get here..

Peanut Butterum and Sassy Sasparilla are a pair, so they'll be listed here as a pair. Peanut (red & white) is almost completely deaf. Although they were from different litters, they have been together since they were kittens, and over that time, Sassy has become Peanuts ears. The two of them are always together, and when Sassy moves, Peanut moves!

And finally, Trace Tumblebrutus...a mystery cat without a past. Trace is missing his right rear leg. It was removed surgically, and was a very, very good job, obviously someone spent a good deal of money on him. But, he turned up on Cumberlanld Trace road as a stray (hence the name). He was scanned for microchips, held at the shelter for re-claim for 2 months, and finally, was featured on the annual TV adoptathon. No one ever called. I attended the adoptathon, and a couple of days later, Trace moved in here.
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Your writing feels like its straight out of an old 30's detective movie or something. Describing all of the suspects (aka your cats) and their backstory in great detail with all of their crazy mobster nicknames included. By far one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while.

All of your cats are beautiful and look SO healthy. Hobo is especially beautiful. His face looks like an artist's canvas it's so splashed with color. Absolutely gorgeous. (So your other kitties don't get jealous, tell them they're beautiful too. )
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What names!! I love them! And such a packed house too I agree this really has been one of the most entertaining posts I've read in a while.

"Sassy has become Peanuts ears" - melts my heart! So adorable!
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Your babies are beautiful. Do you have any other cute stories about your crew?
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You have a fantastic family, and you describe them so well. It's a wonder you haven't tried writing a children's book about them and their adventures.

I know there was someone on here posting about raising a deaf kitten, you could probably provide some wonderful insight to them. It sounds like your peanut and sassy are almost one cat now!!!
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What a wonderful family of beautiful kitties with great names and stories, I see there are 8, that is what I have 6 of mine are ones I rescued, I don't know what it is about the ones you save so to speak, but mine are the sweetest babies, I Love them all... BTW Welcome to TCS
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What a gorgeous family of fur babies you have
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They're all so beautiful I can't pick a favorite! how wonderful of you to take them all in
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I now have the music from CATS running through my head...

Gorgeous bunch of felines. They are lucky to have you as a "purrpaw".
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What a gorgeous crew you have there! I love their names and stories too!
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You have a beautiful tribe there! Thanks for sharing their stories, pictures, and your humor!
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