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Staying at the vet. ( Neuter)

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Socks is getting Neuter in two months. he is 4 months. I like to get him neutered earlier. But my vet said to get him neutered at six months.
My question is: When my husband goes to work. He leaves at 7:00 am
and leaves work at 5:30. Is it ok to leave him at the vet until 5:30? or is
that to long? I cant go get him because We have one car,and 1 dog 1 cat.
So I cant leave them home alone. Is it ok? or is to long????

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That should be fine as long as your vet is okay with him neing there.

I would look around for a different vet though who will neuter him earlier. This vet is a little behind the times on not neutering until 6 months. You don't have to switch vets completely but I would at least find a new one for his neutering.

By 6 months he could already be spraying and hunting for females. Especially if he goes outside, you have to do it sooner.
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Two vets I've used have neutered/spayed in the morning and sent them home same day. One other always keeps them overnight and send them home the next day.

I would guess it would depend on your vet. They all seem to have their own preferences.
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Our vet kept Harley overnight when he was neutered. I prefer it that way, that way in case there are any side effects, he's in safe hands. We work all day, so he'd be home alone. When we get Davidson fixed, he will also be staying overnight

Our vet will not spay until they are 6 months either, I was hoping to get him fixed a bit earlier, but I'm going to speak with my vet when we take Davidson in for his 1st checkup.

I think your kitty will be okay at the vet for that long, he'll be in good hands!
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Thats cool your vet is staffed 24 hours. One I use isn't and thats only reason I hate leaving them-I would feel much better if cat was with me rather then alone in a cage all night with other animals. But so far its worked out drunken kittys either RJ
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5:30 is fine if they are open. We are open until 6:00pm, and we have several clients who pick up 5:30-6:00pm. I figure the longer they stay, the longer they can be observed, so it shouldn't be an issue.
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I called all the vets to ask can you neuter my cat eariler then six months?
No,no,no. Now i have to worry about him spraying the whole house!!!
I Hate the vets!!!! I like them but hate to wait thoe!!!
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Seriously, I would look for another vet - most vets have NO problems speutering much earlier then 6 months.
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No, it's fine to leave him until you get off work as long as the vet is open that late. Most vets are open until 6 or 7 anyway, to accommodate people who need to swing by and pick up their pets on the way home from work.
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My vet sent my cat home with me 45 minutes after being neutered. Is this normal?

They had some lazer technology..Does that make a difference?
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Originally Posted by KittyLova
I called all the vets to ask can you neuter my cat eariler then six months?
I would also look for another vet. It's not good to be that rigid, even if the vet is opposed to paediatric neutering. Here in England it's rare to get a cat neutered earlier than that but they are a bit flexible about the exact time. I've had all of mine done at about 5 months. With my original 2 cats (9 years ago) I was asked to take them in so that the nurse could have a look at them and see if they were ok to be done. With Mosi I just booked him in (checked first if they would do him at 5 months) and they were fine about it, although when I spoke on the phone the day before to the vet who was doing it she commented that perhaps I should wait a while (she even mentioned 7-8 months) but I said I wanted it doing now and she was ok about it. Maybe you could ring your vet up when your cat gets to 5 months or so and say you'd like your cat neutered now - they may be flexible if it's only a matter of a few weeks.
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My hubby said to me. He wants to take socks to the clarksville vet. I said to
him They wont neuter him until six months. And I want to take him to
like a Ky vet. Since we live by gate one.( Fortcampbell) No, He has to have
it his way.
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Maybe try one of the local or non local clinics.

Here they spay/neuter kittens very young. I have kittens six weeks that have all be neutered. One a bit older who is spayed. They are doing better than fine! They don't even seem to be bothered by it.
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