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I added The Weather Bug to my desktop recently, and I just love it! It's so quick and easy to use and so convenient! And the best news is it's free!
Here's the link. http://weatherbug.com

Desktop View:

Just a few reviews...
Find out what the WeatherBug buzz is all about. Take a moment and read what a few of our users have to say!

I just wanted to say a few words about the "new" WeatherBug. I am not one to write and compliment unless the service or product is darn good. The WeatherBug has been on my start up for quite awhile now and we depend on it 100%. The new face plates have been refreshing and give my wife and I something new to talk about everyday. She of course liked the pink with the flower and my favorite is today's (8-10) cityscape. Keep up the great work. We really need the up to date information you provide since we live along the coast of Massachusetts during the summer. Great product, great links, great backgrounds - a class act as far as I am concerned.

- Warren and Judy Battistelli - Lakeville, MA

"I am a recent download and user of your weatherbug software. I have to tell you it is to the computer what the weather channel is to TV. I will not ever have another computer without the software. It truly is well on the way to becoming indispensable. I like being able to at anytime view the weather conditions of my local area, weather forecasted for a route of travel, or a destination. The radar application is just great. Allowing for great updates on weather fronts..This would be a great feed on in those cars with navigation displays, is that possible?

I sincerely thank all who have put their efforts into making this a most wonderful product. It hasn't interrupted the operation of my computer once. It has never locked up, needing to be restarted. It is a very reliable piece of software."

- William Gibson

"You just keep on getting better and better. The pollen count button was a very nice and informative addition. Please keep up the good work."
- R.D. Stephens

"I have used it for a couple of months now and we LOVE it. We got a warning for hail in just enough time to move our cars. We didn't have the TV on, so we would have never known. Another thing, my 9 year old gets up every single morning and looks at the days forecast on the WeatherBug. She uses it more then we do now! It's a morning ritual for her. Keep up the good work!"
- Jeannie

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my whole family loves the WeatherBug! I especially love it because I had a tornado go over the top of my house last year and rip a huge old tree out of the ground, roots and all along with three slabs of sidewalk.

Ever since that day myself and my children are terrified when a storm hits. The WeatherBug helps to calm them down because it shows them exactly what's happening at all times. And they know that we can check the WeatherBug any time so if we need to we can seek shelter. The WeatherBug lets us know what type of weather is heading our way which gives us plenty of time to prepare.

So WeatherBug 'We thank you very much!'"

- The Minniear Family

"This is awesome! Houston had a vicious hailstorm about 10 days ago, and I was working on my computer. It had been sunny and about 90 degrees, and the storm was sudden, one of the most sudden I have ever seen. Needless to say, I encountered a ton of problems because the power went out about three times,and ended up reformatting my hard drive. This is great, and I will be able to shut down my computer and prepare as soon as I get an alert!

- Patricia

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I've been using Weatherbug for about a year and it is great. The only thing that I am not crazy about is they don't have a detailed time table like weather.com does. ( Weather.com shows an hour by hour schedule for the current day, which makes event planning a lot easier sometimes ). But all in all its a great tool.
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Lorie, I went to the site, and discovered that you have to choose a "sponsor," a company whose ads will "pay" for your use of weatherbug. This is for the free version only. Have you found this sponsorship to be a nuisance? How frequently do they put banners up, etc.?
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I've had it, for several months and I love it.
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Jeanie, I find all advertising to be a nuisance and I don't pay any attention to it. Whenever I see one of those pop-up boxes I close it just as fast as I can. Since I have had Weather Bug I haven't really noticed that the problem has gotten worse.
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Lovely idea, but we don't need this in Yorkshire - as it always rains and it is always cold.

Plus the Wimbledon tennis thingy starts today, which means rain everyday for the next two weeks in London. So, for anyone coming to London, remember to pack your waterproofs and an extra jumper.
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Wimbledon!!!! Flimflam, you said the magic word! I wish someone could e-mail me to center court! Let's go, Andrae; you're only 30! (or so)
Lorie, I installed Weather Bug. So far, so good. Really nice to have. Thanks!
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