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Bathtime Blues...

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i gave the kittens their first bath today (they needed it bad) and look what they did!!!

the gave me alot of little scratches and welts on the bottom of my arm..

they pretty much butchered the top part of my arm...

i'm about to go clean it right now. i dont know if i'm more mad at them or if they are more mad at me.. geeze it burns!
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Been there! I had to hold one adult cat by all four feet as my mom did the scrubbing.
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yeah i was going to give all of the cats a bath today but i am terrified to give Kitty a bath. lol. she'll probably chop my arm clean off.
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Aww. That's terrible. Zissou won't hurt a person on purpose, but she has scratched up my legs pretty bad trying to get out of the tub during bathtime. She's much better now.

A can't imagine doing it for so many kittens. Maybe you could wear gloves next time and use a baby-bath-basin?

Feel better, don't forget the neosporin.
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forget gloves! next time i'm makin my sister do it!
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Bless your heart! I hope your stocked up on Neosporin and Band-Aids! Out of curiosity, how did you bathe the kittens? In a sink, bathtub...technique? Maybe there is something you did this time that you can do differently for their next bath time to prevent further "arm massicures" . There are several wonderful articles under the Grooming thread that have good suggestions. Also, if you have any questions, i'd be happy to try and answer them . Till then, i'd suggest triming their nails (wrap them in a towel, and do it one paw at a time....their still kittens, so it may take a few tries want to ease them into the new grooming routines....Sometimes it doesn't hurt to do one nail...then give a treat and let them run around and play for a few minutes...then slowly start again. Also, softpaws are excellent too . Good luck! I bet they smell wonderful.
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Ouch!!, looks like they didn't enjoy their bath!
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i just use the bathtub. i'll look at the grooming thread here in a minute. i'm really starting to consider those soft claws things. i'll have to talk to my mom about it.

there really was no technique. lol. i just kinda held them and they tried to escape. they flopped around alot so they got themselves wet. lol. i got the shampoo stuff on their backs but they didnt let me get much farther

they did smell like funky booty or something but now they smell better so that is a bonus. lol.

Ouch!!, looks like they didn't enjoy their bath!
no they didnt. lol.
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I have a mesh bath & grooming bag. This has saved my hide. I tried to find the link but, the pet supply catalog doesn't stock it, any longer
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hmm... i'll look into that. thanks.
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How come you needed to give them a bath? Is it for showing purposes?

Cause I wouldn't even DREAM of washing a cat for that very reason!

You look like you stepped out of a horror movie!
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I've had quite a bit of success in bathing my two, even when they're growling and hissing. First, I make sure ALL their nails are trimmed. Second, I put on a loose-fitting long-sleeved tshirt (a sweatshirt could work as well). Then I leave the sleeves down, protecting my arms. Who cares if it gets wet!!!

Let me tell works MUCH better this way. Good luck with future bathing endeavors.
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