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Won't cover the poo in the Litter Box

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Hi all!

My kitty Chocolate is 1 yr and 5 months old. She goes in the litter box, scratches around in the litterbox, but doesn't cover her poo. We got her in January from a Humane Society. We have another kitty Phoenix, who is 1 yr, and covers Choco's poo for her.

I have to confess they are both declawed, and that is only because the apartment complex we live in REQUIRES cats to be declawed.Before we got Choco declawed, she still wasn't covering her poo. Phoenix is fine with the litterbox, we got him in May of 2005 from Petsmart (but he came from a Humane society).
How do we help her?
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I have the same problem with my cat Brandon. He was adopted through an agency at Petco. I have started wondering if this might be common with cats that have been in shelters, etc. They might not have learned from their mothers or they didn't have the privacy.

Anyway, I read some of the posts on this forum about litter box issues and I bought one of the big plastic storage boxes to put their litter in. I also have a smaller litter box. Also, I added some of the less expensive litter he had been used to when in foster care, to the good litter and lo and behold, he is starting to cover his poo more often. Except when he is rushed by my other cat Kabou Anyway, just some ideas that worked for me.
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Thanks for the info! I will try some of those ideas :o)
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My kitty has been doing this off and on as well, and I can't figure out how to get him to cover it.
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I would just be happy its in the litter box...LOL

Sebastian does the same thing but he scratches at the side of the box trying to cover it and not the bizzare! He finally gives up after awhile and leaves it uncovered.

But as long as its in the box I am happy!

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Skittles scratches at the side of the box as well and I originally thought it was that he was "trying to cover it" but now I'm thinking that he's just trying to get the litter out from under his paws.
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Some cats bury; some don't. You can't teach them to do it. Be thankful your declawed cats DO use the litter pan. Many declawed cats refuse to use a litter pan and wet elsewhere.

I would never sacrifice my cat's nails over a "rule". Did you have to show proof of the declawing?
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I have heard it can be an alpha cat thing. The one who is alpha doesn't cover in the litterbox. I am not sure what that really proofs, better then marking all over your house I guess. Maybe the cat is "claiming" the litterbox. All mine cover except Eliott, my old man cat. Who knows, some cats don't bother. Like GoldenKitty said, be grateful they even USE the box at all. A lot of declawed cats don't I wouldn't be suprised if they eventually refuse to use it. It can be hard on their paws now that their toes have been amputated. I wouldn't live in an apartment that REQUIRES it either, I couldn't imagine making any acceptions on that. Unless they just SAY it is required but don't actually ask for proof. That is just horrible that landlords require that and don't realize how completely awful and inhumane it is to do to put a cat in such horrendous pain for no real reason.
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My youngest cat has never covered her business, either urine or feces. I don't think she likes to get her feet dirty I got her from a friend when she was 4 months old. I showed her the litter pan and she took to it right away. When I saw her using it the first time I nearly pee'd myself laughing. She was trying to perch on the corner with all 4 paws, butt over the litter. She kept losing her balance and ended up with 1 paw in the pan and 3 perched on the side. That's how she uses the litter box 7 years later, hehe

My other cat is 14 and she on the other hand is a shoveler when it comes to the litter pan. I had to get one with a folded over edge because she shoveled so much that 1/2 the litter was on the floor. She digs right down to the bottom of the pan before going so she has a nice clean spot to squat. Then when she's done she doesn't stop covering until all the litter is in a heap over what she's just done, LOL

If your cat isn't having trouble with urinating or bowel movements, I wouldn't worry about it. The important thing is where they go, not what they do after they go.

If it's a bit smelly after they've gone, go and scoop it.
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Originally Posted by Jen
I have heard it can be an alpha cat thing. The one who is alpha doesn't cover in the litterbox..
My youngest cat is definitly not head of the cat household, so it has nothing to do with that. My cats only tolerate one another, and aren't best buddies. Currently Abby (the youngest) is laying under the coffee table about 4 inches from Chynna (the oldest). But then again Chynna has her back to Abby and doesn't realize that she's there Usually the only time they have any physical contact is when it's dinner time and Chynna sits allowing Abby to give her a lick or two, but otherwise Chynna won't have any of that.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
I would never sacrifice my cat's nails over a "rule". Did you have to show proof of the declawing?
Ditto. It removes the only way they have of defending themselves. Not to mention it involves removing part of their toe. It would be like cutting off my fingers to the first knuckle

My friend had a cat that was declawed, and somehow got out of the house and into the neighbours yard next door. They had a dog and the cat wasn't able to get away and the dog killed the cat
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First, you shouldn't declaw your cat. Besides being painful, it takes away a part of them. Cats and claws go together, you should just trim them. And, with the poo. It's time to get dirty. =) I've found this to be very useful with my cats and even strays that have never had a litterbox before. If they don't cover it up, and if you've seen them go... Before they get out turn them around and cover it up for them. But use the scratching method. Dont' just dump litter or they won't get it. Almost like training a new kitten. (use a litterscoop or something) If they'll let you touch their paws then take the front paws and use them to cover it and praise her afterwards. Maybe even give her a treat. It may be much at first, but it could end up solving the problem. Most times they don't know they have to cover it up, so you'll have to show them. Every kitten and cat I've used that on has eventually started covering their poo. It may take more of your time than you're willing to commit, and it's definitely not a quick fix for some. But what can it hurt to try?

Hopefully we can cover this one up,
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Also, none of my cats are declawed and some still don't cover. As long as they are using it, and you clean it out every day or other day, things are ok.

If you can't stand the thought of people looking at it, get a covered litter pan
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What's the problem? As long as the poop is in the box..kitties are like humans, some of them have bad bathroom habits
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