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=Tiki Update=

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Tiki is the proud and protective mother of 3 purebred male bengal kittens.

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Congratulations on your new additions! And its good to see you post again, its been awile, huh?
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Do you plan to keep one of the kittens?
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Congrats on Tiki and her babies! Very cute picture and very cute baby!
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kittens, how cute, congratulations!!
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Lucky you! How sweet!
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Long time no see, nite! Guess you've been busy in the "stepfather" role. The pic is adorable. I know you must have some more to share.
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As always beautiful pictures of a lovely family. Welcome back.
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OMG! How absolutely adorable!!!! I want to see more pics!!!! good to see you here!
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How cute!
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Nice to see you back nite - I have missed your beautiful pics! What a beautiful little kitten! How old are they now?
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welcome back - I guess we can now call you GRANDPA (hehehe)!!

How wonderful, kittens, no wonder you have not been on. Great to see you back and of course we expect to see pics of the little ones as they grow up!!!
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Nite; Glad you came back around Like I always say, "Nothin' is as pretty as a brand new kitty. . . . ." Love that little Bengal Ball O' Fur ! Don't be stingy with the photos TLK
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How cute!! Can I have one please please please???
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How cute! They look like leopard or cheetah kittens! I want one. Welcome back, NiteCrawler!
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Congratulations! The kittens are so cute!
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more! more!
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