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Sleep good or bad?

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Hi, i was wondering.. My Queen is about to give birth in around 11-15 days is it quite normal for her to be always sleeping? she sleep morning and night....
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icis is due any minute, and sleeps 23 hours a day,lol. It is normal, and perfectly fine. i think there gearing up for the birth and life after,lol.
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my Kitty is almost due too and she sleeps alot. cats are usually lazy when they are pregnant. lol.
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OKay, great, because i was getting worried she is usually the type to run around until she drops... and usually in the morning at exactly 7:30am she is at my bed meowing for wet cat food... now she only comes unless my male decides to wake me up from my slumber. lol.. they have like an alarm for food..
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