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Kitten Survives Wood Chipper

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What an amazing little kitten! And his vet is fabulous too. How great that he saw the fighting spirit in little "Chipper" and gave him the chance to live.

(Link is to a CNN video stream, requires Windows Media Player...)
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Wow that little guy REALLY picked the wrong place to take a nap! That's such a great story, I'm glad he made it
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I watched it this morning! Isn't it great! That cute little meow was just so precious! He's gonna have a long and good life after his last surgery!! YAY!
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Poor little guy so glad that he's going to be okay.
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Oh my goodness! I love Chipper! Bless his brave little heart!
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Chipper's story affirms that every cat is precious and worth saving.
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Poor baby!!!!!! I'm glad he is doing great, but that still breaks my heart. I wish I could have him. I would love on him and give him a bunch of kisses. Bless his sweet little heart!!
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I can't get it to open! Poor baby! I'm glad to hear he's gonna be ok though!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
I can't get it to open! Poor baby! I'm glad to hear he's gonna be ok though!
I can't get it to open either I agree, the main thing is that the little guy will recover - I hope he's getting all the pets & loves he wants
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I read on the woman's blog that saved chipper that he actually died of complications a couple weeks later.

I just read it and haven't had a chance to look into it more. But it seem to be legitimate.

I will let you know when I find out more.

Yes, he did pass over the rainbow bridge. Here is the story fromt he rescue site.

Click on the top left corner on "Chipper's Story!"

At least he felt warmth and love in that last little bit of his life. It's so sad!
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oh, i am sorry to hear he did not make it.
i remember when i first heard the story on the news radio, i thought someone did that to him to be mean..

poor little kitty. but yea at least he had some love before he moved on.
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