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Poor Flibbo!

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When I woke up this morning, Flibbo kitty had a fish hook in his lip, with a bobber and some line attached to it. He's at the vet right now, they put him under anesthesia to pull out the hook so he'll be asleep there for a bit, but he'll be home tonight.
I'm wondering if it was an accident or intentional. I do know it wasn't my hook though. Either way, he'll be staying inside at night for a while. Wish him good luck!

(Not sure if this was the right forum...)
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Ouch! Poor guy. Feel better soon Flibbo.
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Aw poor Flibbo. Thankfully you found it in time. It could've become nasty quickly.
Good kitty meowmy!
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Oh Flibbo!, how did that happen!!, sending many healing vibes {{{ }}}
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Poor Flibbo! I hope you feel better soon sweetie!!
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Hi Rachael! Nice to see you posting!

Poor Flibbo...I hope his mouth heals quickly!
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Poor Flibbo. Must've been after some fish.
Hope he heals up quickly.
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Poor Flibbo... I hope he gets better soon!
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Awww the poor baby Sending Flibbo (((((healthy vibes))))) over
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Poor Flibbo! Sending many quick healing }}}VIBES{{{
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Thanks everyone. Flibbo is home now, and fine. He only has to take a few anti-infection pills, since the hook had to be pushed all the way through his lip to remove the barb.
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I'm pleased to hear he's home and well!
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