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Okay so i am probably getting a Persian and i think i already have one picked out this is him:

Isnt he darling!!! He is 2 1/2 years old and the lasy cant keep him because she has asthma!!

Are there any specially specifics i need to know about this breed as far as: grooming,tear stains, health problems, and behaivior problems?? If you can answer any of these than that would be wonderful!!
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He's gorgeous

As for grooming he will need to be brushed daily, some people have their long haired cats clipped, but what's the point in havinga long haired cat if you are keeping his fur short

The only part of my Persian that I kept clipped short was around his anus and on the sides of his back legs. The poop tends to stick to the long fur, not fun

I use warm water and those little round (or oval) pads that we use to clean our face. I do it as often as needed. For some cats its every couple of days and for other it's only once in a while.

As for temperament, it depends on the cat. My Persian was a real Diva, a kind of "Look but don't touch" kinda cat, but her sister was an extrtemely affectionate one, loved to be held and would follow you every where. The only thing that I can be sure of about Persians is that they don't have the lound voice and energy level of the siamese and other oriental breeds.

One of the major health problems that Persian breeders test their cats for nowadays is PKD, or Polycystic Kidney Desease.
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Thank you so much for the information!! He is a great looking cat and i am looking forward to meeting him!!
Do they have any nutrional needs like: Do they need canned food instead of dry or any supplements or vitamins?
I agree with you on "why clip a long haired cat,if you wanted a long haired cat in the first place?" LOL i lie that!!
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I suggest wet food for any cat, especially males just to try to avoid urinary tract infections and crystals. So wet and dry is fine. A good high quality of course.

Oh and Shed Ender works GREAT on my Himalayan.

He is absolutely gorgeous.
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If you feed good food, nothing from the grocery store, wet or dry your cat won't need any vitamins or supplements.

Can't help you there, Lilo is allergic to certain food and I have to feed her (and Kuro) Science Diet d/d. But a lot of friends do like to feed their cats Wellness, Innova, and Sensible Choice.

The only thing that would be helpful, especially with a longhaired cat is to give him/her something to get rid of hairballs (Hairball Remedy).
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Yeah- Congrats!!! a persian kitty is a wonderful companion He is gorgeous!!

I have a persian and feed Sebastian Nutro Natural Choice dry and wet cuts down on shedding and he has never had a hairball in 2 years. I also occassionally give him some malt flavored hair ball rememdy as well and he loves it.

Other than that it depends on there coat how much you have to groom them. Some persians have a thicker coat than others and it mats easily.

I can get away with brushing Sebastian every couple of days and sometimes an entire week without and mats...he is just really easy. But my friends persian needs brushed everyday or you have a mess.

Of course brushing everyday does cut down on the amount of shedding the cat does.

Also Sebastians eyes run alot and i clean them 2-3 times a day and use Eye Envy to keep the stains at bay. It will probably depend on how extreme his face is how much you have to clean the eyes.
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Don't have a persian, but have plenty of persian

1. I know a lot of you refer to "brushing" for a longhair. IMO its confusing as you should be using various combs and not a brush - brushing will not do anything for a longhair cat. You need to use a wide, medium and fine toothed comb for proper grooming.

2. With persians, it depends on the type of coat they have - some require daily combing, some you can comb every other day. But if you don't keep on top of it, you can have a tangled/matted mess in a short time. Establish a routine grooming time/place and get your cat used to it as soon as you adopt them.

3. With the shorter face, you can wind up with more messy faces when eating. Be sure to keep their mouth/chin clean after meals. You might have to use cotton balls to keep the eyes clean too.

4. Long fur is harder to trim nails as the fur hides the nails. Be sure to establish a routine nail trimming and check often. Also like one suggested, trim some of the fur around the butt/tail so its not so messy when using the pan.

5. Most persians are pretty laid back and fairly quiet (compared to a siamese ).

You have a very pretty kitty to adopt. Is he a cameo? Or a cream?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
Don't have a persian, but have plenty of persian

1. I know a lot of you refer to "brushing" for a longhair. IMO its confusing as you should be using various combs and not a brush - brushing will not do anything for a longhair cat. You need to use a wide, medium and fine toothed comb for proper grooming.

Or a Shed Ender, they work great!
Oh oops I already said that, well I will leave it and say it again. I HIGHLY recommend Shed Ender for Persians!! It works wonderfully and breaks right through any knots easily without hurting the cat.
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As long as the grooming is one that has teeth in it - not the soft bristles of a brush.
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I have two persian cats, and they are very mellow, quiet, docile.
They are not very active cats at all.
Mine are pretty well behaved.
They only scratch their nails on a scratching post, and are good about using the litter box.
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I actually didnt get that one because the lady found someone that wanted him and they she said it is a rare color and she wants $250.00 for him !! and it was only supposed to be $30.00 and so i was kinda flammed but guesse wut......... I got a new Persian kitten !!!YAY!!!

I rescued her at a pet store where there were 5 kittens in a tiny ferret cage and i saw her and fell in LOVE!!! She is the best kitty ever!! Or so she is to me!! She is very pretty and is so sweet and she loves to follow me around and right now she is asleep by the computer and it is so sweet!!! So i guess you all are dieing to see here she is...O yea she is 2 months old.....okay enough blabbing.......

Isnt she way cute!! I think she is cuter than the other one!!

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She is cute, but I really don't think she is a Persian, just a moggie, not to burst your bubble there but she is adorable. Did you name her yet?
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I agree, she is very cute, but not a Persian at all, maybe a mix (just because of the shape of her face and eyes).
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yea she is a mix i guess but she is way adorable!!! Her name is Cali!!
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