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New here, introducing myself.

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This is my first time at a cat forum. I wanted to say hello and see whether or not anybody else has a cat that fetches.

My boy Oscar is a little treasure. He is really a handful. I also have Cassy, she is a big fat Calico, and does not do very much really.

Up until recently I had five cats, I am now down to two. After my baby is born, then I will decide if I will get more cats, or maybe some small animals in cages.
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Welcome to the forums!

I've moved your post over here to the lounge, so that everyone can see it.

Hope you like it here!
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Welcome Getthemoose!

I too have a cat that fetches. Maya Linn loves to fetch. Usually it's her favorite sparkly toy. Or it can also be the ring from a milk jug. I also have 6 other cats but she's the most playful of all of them (and the youngest, 10 months).
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Hi Getthemoose and welcome,

I also a fetching kitty. It's pretty funny, I thought I was the only one who had a cat that played fetch, until I got to this site and read that almost everybody else does also. Pretty amazing creatures aren't they?
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Welcome to the forums GTM!!!!!

I also have a "fetching" cat....and I love to show my friends when they come over, his little "trick" They think it is soo cute and sooo unusual (little do they know...lol)

Merlin uses a little wadded up ball of paper, and I throw it, he fetches, and brings it back and drops it in my lap for me to throw again!!!
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Welcome Getthermoose...Yes, I also have 2 that play fetch but they only do it with my daughter
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Welcome getthemoose. Of course our cat fetches. He likes to catch furry mice in the air and bring them back. Jack used to fetch, he would play "frisbee" with a cat food lid and bring it back to me. But he hasn't played with it since my new babies came to the house a year ago.
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I also have a cat that fetches. She is a Siamese Mix and her name is Scatter. We call her that because she scatters her toys everywhere! Her favorite fetch toys are those plastic containers that prizes come out of in gumball machines. I have been known to hang around those machines waiting for kids, who get a quarter from me, then they keep the prize and I get the plastic. Scatter also loves to fetch Nyquil cups- rinsed out really well of course. It is so funny and she will fetch it back until she is breathing so hard she has to lie down. I don't know how it started really, I think I discovered it by accident one day, and she just took to it.
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Am I the only one without a fetching cat?
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Not at all!! Only two of my babies fetch. The other two just like to watch!
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Joey fetches, but won't bring it all the way back to you, like his way of making sure you're still involved in the game.

Squirt is far to "mature" for any of that nonsense.
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