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Cats eating pattern off

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I need help again. Bob isn't eating as usual. He eats, but Freckles (the cat who could care less) has been eating some of his food. Bob usually is a hearty eater and I haven't change their food in a number of months. This all happened after an incident this week where I had trouble grooming Bob and got frustrated. I didn't hurt him (he swatted me) but cried and felt regret at having an anti-social cat. Perhaps he felt some of that, or the stress that I've been under lately. I have been playing with him and praising him and he hasn't been avoiding me. He just doesn't seem interested when I put down his wet food. Both cats are scheduled for a vets visit on the 25th.

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I'm sorry to hear that things have been a bit upsetting.

One of my cats (DLH) has been off in her eating as well lately. I think it might be due to the higher heat and humidity. She is probably eating about half of what she did during the winter, but she is playing a lot less during the day as well. A vet check can't hurt of course!

hugs for you and bob...i hope things start turning around!
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I would be concerned if Wet is his only source of food - is it???? If he also has dry to eat and is eating well - it might just be a phase. My mom's girl Piper goes through phases where at times she is more interested in her wet than others.

However it is always good to have him checked - better safe than sorry!
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Both cats have access to dry food and water all day. I considered taking up the dry food for part or all the day but that may be too radical a change right now.
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I agree that is way to drastic. If he preferres dry for the moment and drinks enough water - that is just fine!!!

What I would do is give him wet once a day instead of 2x or reduce the amount of wet until he finishes what he has which then would tell you that he back in the mood...
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Bob seemed to be better last night. I made him wait an extra 30 minutes for his wet food and he ate it all. I also decided to go back to pilling him as opposed to crushing his Prednisone into his food so that if he doesn't eat (or Freckles gets into his bowl) I don't have to worry about medication. Suprisingly he didn't give me a hard time about that either.
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