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PLEASE HELP, Kitten is sick...

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I god a kitten from some lady, that got it from another lady that obviously didnt take care of him too well..

2 days after getting him he got bad diareah, and he has had it now for 2weeks! It just dripps out basicly, It did have fresh blood dripping one day and his belly is really fat! He also really stinks...

I been trying to do everything I can for the poor kitten.. he whines all the time and doesnt even run anymore because his butt is so soar... I cant even touch it with a cotton ball to wipe him off or he will wine for 3 minutes straight.

I took the kitten to the vet 4 days ago (I didnt like him). They said he was 5-6 weeks old and that they didnt find anything in a little stuel sample. But he treated him for worms and gave him some stuff to put down his mouth (.25 mg albon liquid? once a day) I been doing that and it doesnt even seem like hes getting any better.. I am really affraid cuz of his stumach being big.

When i first got him I was feeding him KMR formula and I thought it was doing the diareah, so I then mixed it with science diet kitten food, and now hes eating just the kitten food.

I have a few questions..

1) I read about some disease online, it begins with a C, caused by being in mothers stuel I think. This is what I really think he has, and this is what I told the vet, is he giving me the right medicine for him?

2) His butt is really soar, how do I get all the diareah off of him? I been rinsing him in warm water because i cant touch him with anything, but I am wondering if I am doing more harm then good?

3) When do you think the poor little guy will get better
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First things first, you need to get this kitten seen to by a vet again asap, even if it's another vets practice.

I'll move this to the health forum for you
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I agree. If you weren't keen on the last vet, find a new one and get your kitten seen as soon as possible!!
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I am in agreement as well...find a new vet ASAP, kittens are very delicate (much like human babies) and dehydrate very quickly.
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How difficult for you. Yes, you really need to get this baby to another vet ASAP. Kittens this young can expire quickly and he really needs your help right now.

Run, do not walk, to another vet ASAP.
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How awful, lucky he found someone who wants to take care of him.
Let us know how you get on with the vet.
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I would agree with the others. It's so good that you took the little kitten to the Vet to begin with - now you need to find one that you can trust.

When Felicity first came to us as a kitten she too had very bad diarrhea - much like you were describing. We had to confine her to a room where which was easy to keep clean and she would cry so much when we had to wash her bottom. But the good news is that she was cured, the Vet also gave us some probiotic powder to mix with some Hills prescription kitten food that he gave to us and she was soon better. She is 4 years old now and has never been bothered by the problem again.

At the time though we couldn't see any end to it, so I know how it feels.

I really feel for you and hope that your little kitten is better soon.
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