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Ford Theater in Chicago/dress circle section

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Good morning all!

Have any of you ever seen a show at the Ford Theater in Chicago? If so, where did you sit? I'm trying to get tickets on ebay to Wicked, and most of the tickets seem to be in the dress circle section off to the side, like rows EE-FF. They are marked limited view, but people leaving feedback for the ticket sellers are saying they're great seats. I don't need to have the best seats, but I'd like at least decent ones. Are these seats any good?
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I have seen Wicked twice at the Ford Theater and have tickets to see it two more times this fall.

Here is a seating chart of the theater,


In September, I will be in the Orchestra, row K, (front and center). I don't know how much they are asking for the tickets, so you will have to decide if it is worth it. Wicked is a wonderful show. I would spend as much as you can possibly afford for the best seats. You won't regret it.

Be warned that in June, Wicked gave away 730 tickets to future shows, (we got 4 of the free tickets). People may be trying to sell these on e-bay. The price on the ticket says "0.00" I believe. I wouldn't pay much for a free ticket.

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You must be really excited about seeing Wicked! Here is a chart of the seating that may be helpful in having an idea where those seats are in proximity to the stage.
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oops, clearly great minds think alike, Elise!
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I have seen that chart, it's just hard to tell from the chart without actually having been there. I think orchestra level tickets are more than I'm interested in spending, but I'd like to hear from other people who have been there.

Even if they are free tickets, they have them and I don't :-)
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I remember a discussion about the limited view seating on a wicked forum. Some people didn't think it was too bad. Maybe you should post your question here, http://www.witchesofoz.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=3

Yes Dawn, we do think alike.

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