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Good Morning!

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Look at that oh so innocent little face!!
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I love the captions. What a doll, and very unique looking.
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That's too cute!
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What a handsome devil!
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LOL, awwh, what a little devil! Sucks to be busted, doesn't it, little guy?
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Someone suggested that he's a Cereal Killer,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL, I changed the caption!
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Yeppers he's busted But how could you get mad, he couldn't help it him was bored Great pictures very cute
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He looks like he's quite the expert at making a mess then looking cute to avoid punnishment.
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what a cute little trouble maker!
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What a cutie!

So many boxes and obviously enough time.
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Yeah, its not like I'd scold him for doing that, he's just a kitten afterall... but he pulled them all out again last night! Grrrrrrrrr!
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I love that 4th picture. So which one of your little vixons caused this mess? I woke up to something similar, only worse. My doorway was full of video tapes, DVD's, and CD's pulled out of the bookcase. Simba had a good time, while I was sleeping.

Oh.....I see that it was Jack.
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