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I can't get my cats to play on their own

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I'll fill in the background details since I'm new here...

I'm on disability due to an inherited disease so I'm home most of the time. The times where I'm not at home is when I'm in the hospital or outside next to our tiiny pond. I got my cat Hannah 4 years ago and at first she was very friendly playful with everyone. Then after my first long hospital stay she became more moody and more dependant on my wife and I. Then the past years she gained weight because she'd do nothing unless we played with her. We wanted to get a kitten for a while to help Hannah deal with her alone time, but my health never seemed to allow a good opportunity. This summer however things have calmed down a bit, and we finally got a new kitten from the humane society. Hannah didn't like her of course, but after a week they tolerate each other very well - and "almost" play. Our new kitten "Sasha" is 3 months old, fixed (as is Hannah) very cuddly, very playful, and has even started responding to her name. We played with the both of them a lot this past week to help the cats get closer to each other (though Hannah didn't play). Sadly, I've noticed unless my wife or I sit down to play with Sasha, she's like Hannah and just sleeps.

So, I'm really hoping there's some way I can get them to "have fun" whether we're around or not. And yes, we have TONS of cat toys. Thanks for the help!

Hannah and Sasha:
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My cats won't play with anyone but me either. Sometimes the youngest (7 years) will tear around the house or toss around one of her many cat nip toys, but not often. Both are very interactive cats that require full attention from me. I can't even hold one and type with the other, because they both demand 2 handed cuddle sessions, LOL

I wouldn't worry about it. Just give them play time, either with toys or just brushing them. If they're gaining weight, but a veteranian food that is lower in calories.
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Wow, and here I thought cats were independant!
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Nope. They depend on their parent (you) for all of their needs: food, water, clean litter, play, cuddles and grooming. They are eternal babies.
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I've had cats that way too. When you have an older cat and bring in a younger it usually livens them up a bit. BUT, it depends on the cat. Some just like to lay around, while others will play constantly regardless of obstacles in their way. They're still adjusting to each other, so more time will be needed. Maybe take a ball and play with Sasha,then toss it a little to see if she'll chase it. She may just want some attention while she's playing. You said you have tons of toys, but what about more physical things, like cat trees or scratching posts? Do you have anything hanging around the house that might move when someone passes by? Even if it's just hanging Hannah knows it's a toy. Move it a little and get her to play. Stop for a minute and she what she does. If she just looks at you, you've got your work cut out. Keep trying the same thing everyday. It will most likely take a while to see any improvement. She seems like she might be afraid to play, because you may leave without her noticing. Just be patient. Also, if she's not doing anything it may be a good idea to feed her at certain times of the day until her weight is healthy again. If it's always out some cats lose appreciation for it and eat too much or not enough. Every single cat is different. But time and patience do a lot of good. =) Hope I've been some help. Mary
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