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Musical cats

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My male cat, Neo, LOVES it when I practice (I take voice lessons). He insists on being in my lap or being held if I'm standing. Even when I hit the high notes, it doesn't upset him at all (and they are usually loud). When I'm sitting at the piano, he always wants to lay on the keys so that you hear that ongoing thunder-like sound from many keys being played at once. My female cat wants nothing to do with me when I sing or play the piano. She disappears until the "noise" goes away. Does anyone else have a musical cat? I kind of wish Neo would "sing" along with me sometimes, but only my dog does that!
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I'm not a "singer", but I sing anyway, LOL My youngest cat, Abby loves it when I sing. She also likes to be held then too. I actually think she thinks I'm talking to her because she tucks her head under my chin and settles in for a long cuddle and drool session, LOL

Your cat likes the sound of your voice and according to him when you sing it's just for him and he wants to be right there.
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Prego and Polly stare at me when I sing little songs to them. I think they like it though.
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One of my cats, Kiko, has always loved for me to sing to him. Since a kitten, he has crawled into my lap and positioned himself on his back and fell asleep while I was singing. But if the song doesnt have the name "Kiko" in it ....he will start to meow, until Kiko is mentioned.
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