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I'm very afraid that one of our kittens may have FIP. Has anyone had any experience with it? I've searched this forum & read some of the threads along with doing research on the net. Here's how it happened. We have 6 cats and 2 kittens. The kittens were left by neighbors that moved. So, we took them in to foster & find them a home. They're both females and very sweet and were not sick. One of our male cats, Killer, had an FIP scare a couple of years ago. One vet said he had it, the other said he didn't. So, I took Killer on June 3 of this year to get his shots and the vet pulls out this tube and squirts it up Killer's nose. He didn't even ask if I wanted it, just did it. I asked what it was and he told me it was the vaccine but did not give me any details to risks, etc. I discovered those on my own after my other cats began sneezing. I've read the Cornell study and it absolutely terrified me for my cats. So, now the kitten, Dotty, has been sneezing a lot and sleeps a lot. She's still eating & drinking and does still play. I'm just so worried that she'll get full blown FIP. The other cats have seem to come through the sneezing, except for Cleo. She still acts like she feels bad too. I ordered Transfer Factor today and will have it tomorrow and will start the dosage hoping I can help ward it off. I'm so mad at my vet. Surely if it was that easy for me to find info on the Cornell study, he should know it right? Anyway, sorry for posting such a long post. I just would really like to know what to look for? She currently has a stuffy nose and sneezes. Other than that she seems fine.