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Originally Posted by Crystal211
We're both the oldest.

While I've heard that you're supposed to do oldest/youngest for best compatibility, I like it because we're both responsible so we mesh well when taking care of household things and making decisions.
That's what I've heard too...Sometimes I don't think the youngest/youngest meshes well. B and I are both a little lazy. I absolutely do not like having to be the responsible one all the time (bills in my name, am the DD all year except on my birthday, etc, etc).
He claims he doesn't have the patience that I do...ummm...I don't really, I just keep it all in and explode at one point. Otherwise I really don't have the attention span (easily distracted while driving...even right now: dinners cooking, but I'm concentrating on this post )
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I voted Only/Youngest, because I am my mother's only child. My step-siblings have never felt like 'real' siblings to me. Just too much tension. DH is the youngest. Sometimes it seems the descriptions do fit. In some areas DH likes me to 'take charge' in others, he's just got to be the one to do it. And the thing about onlies feeling incompetent around adults...deff been there!
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Originally Posted by jeanor
My husband and I are both the babies of our families.

Although, my brother is almost 10 years older than I am, so I can really be considered an only child (I was 7 or 8 when he moved out) as I was mostly raised alone.
Me too! We are both the youngest(Trav the youngest of 3 and I am the youngest of 2)but Trav is MUCh more mature

My sister is 11 years older so I was like an only child growing up too
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