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Litterbox placement question

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For a while when I first got Marlee I only had one litterbox, a fairly large uncovered box that stayed in my bedroom. I eventually bought her a Booda Dome, but because of my bedroom size and the large size of the box, the dome is in the kitchen downstairs. Since my last roommate moved out at the beginning of the summer, the empty bedroom has been Marlee's (with her toys, the smaller box from my bedroom, extra water bowl, etc). Well my new roommate will be moving much of her stuff in this weekend and I'm curious....I have a few new things in my bedroom which would make it hard for me to put the uncovered box back in my bedroom. Am I asking for Marlee to have an accident/use the restroom outside of her box if I either get rid of the uncovered box, or move it downstairs with the other one? I know she is smart enough to know she can go downstairs and use the bathroom, but do you think she will actually do it? The only reason I even have a question about it is because she uses the uncovered one upstairs like 90% of the time, I think just because she seems to spend most of her time upstairs. Sorry this is so long, I jsut wanted to explain everything!
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The cat experts I have read recommend you have a Litterbox on every level of your home no matter how many cats you have. I figure they are correct. A litterbox can be placed in many unusual locations. This includes linen closets, bathrooms, bedroom closets, hallways or even in an adapted piece of furniture. As long as the cat is happy with the location it does not matter were exactly you put it. -kd
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how old is your cat? really old or really young ones should have box on every level. i don't have a box at the garden level and abi has come upstairs to her box. if in doubt, put a box nearby
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Is your cat adaptable? I can't imagine why she wouldn't just go downstairs and use it there..as long as you put her in it and she knows where it is,I think she'll be fine.
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Thanks guys! Marlee is about a year old, and I didn't really think it would be a problem, just wanted to get some opinions and make sure. Thanks!
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our two litterboxes are in our laundry room and kitties still use their boxes even when the washer and dryer are on.
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