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I need help!

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My baby is so small! She is five years old, and barely weighs eight pounds! She always has food handy, and sleeps a lot. But she gets nuts on occasion too. She loves chasing invisible somethings on my kitchen floor! (Maybe just dirt that I don't want to see! ) Any way, how can I put some weight on her without getting her fat? (Like that would be a problem!) HELP ME!!!!!!
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Your cat may just be small and not underweight. My cat fallon will be 3 in the fall and just barely tips the scales at 6 pounds. When I run my fingers along her rib cage I can lightly feel them and she eats just as much as the other cats. Like your cat she is very active and likes to chase bugs and anything that moves.

Your kitty may just be built smaller than most. I wouldn't worry too much unless her ribs are very prominent or if she keeps losing weight even though she's eating normally.
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I think she may have been the runt. Could that have something to do with it? Also, she was only three weeks old when we got her. (Was informed that she was weaned, by our 10 year old daughter.) Could either one be the cause?
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You could try feeding her kitten food to put weight on her. When we got Cinnamon from a no-kill shelter, she was so scrawny. She was a year old. We fed her kitten food, and she gained weight in no time!
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I'm going to move this to the proper forum so it'll get more attention.
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