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anyone else on the forums have asthma besides me?
I hate it!!
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I sure do!
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Yes, brought on by allergens and exercise.
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Both me and my son do.

My asthma is affected by cigarette smoke mainly, purfume, candles, smoke from fires, and over exurting(sp??) myself, dust, any type of mold, and strawberries and raspberries used to as a child but I grew out of that.

My son's is the same as mine, except he is much more sensitive than I am.
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whoo! glad I'm not the only one! I had a feeling I wouldn't be I hate having it. I actually had an attack last winter--not. fun.
so can you guys just not breathe and like, turn blue? or do you have what I have (not sure if there's a specific name) where you feel like your lungs are gonna just collapse any second and you feel like you don't have enough strength to breathe?
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With my asthma I cough and cough and cough to the point where I seriously can't breath anymore and I throw up until I take my inhalor
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