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Extra vibes and prayers for me and Kitty

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As some of you know, Kitty is most definetly pregnant. She is getting bigger everyday and is doing fine so far. she has about a week until she delivers.

on friday my mom is going out of town for a week. go figure its the week that Kitty is due. since her litters are so close together there could be some complications. i'm 15 and i am going to be the only one here to help if something goes wrong with Kitty (if something does i'm going to have my grandparents take us to the vet). i know alot about cats and what to do with the whole birthing thing thanks to this amazing site.

anyways i was just wondering if you guys could keep Kitty in your prayers and send good delivery vibes. i'll keep you guys updated on how she does. thanks!
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or not... that's cool.

Kitty started looking for nesting areas today so i'm going to have to start setting some up soon. she is particularly interested in my room. i just hope she doesnt have them in the basement.
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Jessie---- why don't you just lock her up in your room that way she can't have them in the basement.

Sorry I did read this on the 5th and have been sending vibes. forgot to post it though. OOPS.
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its all good. silent vibes work just as well.

i'm just going to keep an eye on her and if she begins going into labor then i'll put her in my room and i'll lock off the basement. but if i just lock her in my room she will scream bloody murder and make a mess until she is let out. lol. thanks fot the vibes though.
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well Kitty's stomach has definetly dropped a little so i'm keeping an eye on her. she is trying to get into my little sisters room. i think that is where she wants to have them.i have shut off her room and almost every room in the house except for my room and the living room area. i have made her a few nests in my room. i'm ganna make a few more for downstairs. now all i can do is wait. still keep Kitty in your thoughts and prayers that all goes well.
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What an exciting time !!! Sending good vibes..... cant wait to see the pics !!!
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Def. sending prayers your way. Sorry it took so long. I haven't been on the site for a while. I got a new job and of course I've confirmed that MaxSheba is pregnant too so we've been doing some things for her. So I am def. praying for her and looking forward to her big day
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i am so excited too (even though its kinda bad. ) thanks for the vibes. i've also been noticing Kitty has been hanging around me alot lately and she usually does that when she is about to deliver.
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MAKE SURE TO GET PICS!!! Isis Kinsey and I are sending speeding labour and delivery vibes your way!
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woo hoo! thanks! i still have to get the last set of pics developed. lol. i'm going to try to get you guys a picture of Kitty with my webcam but i dont know if it'll work. i need a digiital camera.
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Don't we all. lol A digital camera sounds lovely.
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Kitty's belly has dropped a little more. i actually came home and thought that she had had them because her bumps on the side of her tummy arn't as visible anymore. lol. all the cats seem kinda aggitated today so tonight could be it. i'm betting tomarrow though.
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well nothing yet. today is her due date so i'm hoping it will be soon. she is driving me nuts with the waiting. she is a considerable amount more "lovey" and clingy to me today. she never sleeps in bed with me but last night she did for a little while and sherubbed her face on me and loved on me alot. she never does that. she fallows me from room to room and just loves being around me which is very different for her so i think it will be soon. i havent seen any discharge yet but she has been licking her self a little today.
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OK I have a question re the belly 'looking different'. You said that her sides seemed smaller right? Well I am wondering if they 'drop' into position like human babies....????
Mine is not due for another 2 weeks but I swear she looks smaller today than she has been. I know she is not near ready yet but she does look different.

I am hoping that your kittens come soon!
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before they give birth the babies will travel into the birth canal witch causes the belly to look like it has dropped. it doesnt necessarily look smaller but since Kitty only has like one or 2 in there you can tell her belly has dropped and instead of seeing alot of "bumpage" on the sides it looks like her belly is lower. did that help? i'm not good at explaining things.
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nothing yet. my mom came home last night so i feel a little more confidant. she is licking her stomach alot lately. it seems like everytime she looks like she is going to go into labor she doesnt. but it will be soon. now i need some "Kitty-have-your-babies-now" vibes.
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