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Hissy - here's my horse story (kinda long...)

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Nov. 2000, my mother passed away accidentally. She had just decided, in the middle of a snow storm, that she would take a really quick run into town because her printer had run out of ink (we discovered this because the new printer cartridge was in her purse, on the top).

She made it to town, but about 2-3 minutes just before her house, her 4X4 started fishtailing going up a hill. Coming up from the other side was a gravel truck (obviously, from the size of the vehicle, there was no hope) that had no chance of even trying to avoid the collision because he did not see her until it was too late. We spent 9 days at the hospital, by her bedside, where she never regained conciousness. The anger I felt was overwhelming and the pain that followed was enormous. Still is at times....

Now the nice part of this story: My step-fathers brother owns a horse ranch near Toronto. They board race horses(and other kinds too). The race horses participate in the Kentucky Derby. They are just breathtaking and HUGE! I mean, I went up close and personal to a few and I was scared. Their heads are double the size of the ones I had seen!

Well.....the last day at the hospital, before she passed on. My step-father's brother and wife approached us. They had purchased a pure-bred philly(?????) and wanted to know if we would approve of them naming her after my mom. Her race name is: Yvonne Goes On. Her barn name is "Baby", which is what my step-father called her. We were touched and saddened at the same time.

Before I came home, I went to see her. All of a sudden, this became so important to me. Mom was gone but I had to meet "Baby". I did and was blown away by what I saw. She was a little bit nervous. Fiesty little thing and seemed to have quite the character. She would have made mom really proud. Before I left the barn, I decided to go see her once again. She had not let me get too close to her. She still didn't but this time, she turned around, looked at me and I swear, I think she kind of smiled at me. At least, I'd like to think so. It's funny how we tend to turn to the least likely thing to make us overcome our grief.

Yvonne-Goes-On trained all of last year and participated in her first race. Not at the Kentucky Derby. It was here in Canada. She suffered a "hairline fracture" but is on the mend. I'm guessing that one day, we might see her on TV. Who knows.

Is this bizarre or have others had an experience like this? I know mom is not "Baby" but it's comforting never-the-less. Who really knows where our soul ends up???????
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I am sure that in Baby's spirit is also a part of your mother. After all souls are endless and probably quite flexible as well. I hope Baby mends well and goes on to win a lot of races, so indeed Yvonne can go on. I am also sorry for your loss. I can imagine it was overwhelming indeed.
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Love the face on this horse!
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That was a very touching act of kindness.
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Jeanie, yeah...this was very touching and, it means alot to me.

Hissy, Thank you for posting my picture. She seems so much clearer on here than on my computer! I know I'm partial to this, but I think she's beautiful. She has that "I can handle anything" look about her.

BTW: Do you have any pics of your babies? I am reading and searching but I haven't stumbled across any yet.

Once again, Thanks!!!!
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What a touching story! Baby is a beautiful horse!
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Here is one of my favorite pics of my "babies" Trav is the chestnut he just turned 4 Racer is a mustang cross he is 5.
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Ghyslaine, I am so sorry to hear about your mother's tragic death....I know how hard that must have been for you.
That was so awesome that they named the horse after her...a very sweet thing to do!! Baby is beautiful!!!!
I am sure your mother would have liked that!
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Thank You all for your kind words. You know, this writing has been kind of therapeutic for me. I don't generally talk about this except with family and close friends. Thanks guys!!!

Hissy, what can I say???? Not only are your horses beautiful, that has got to be the sweetest picture ever!!!
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G - I'll keep an eye out for Baby at the track. I live 5 minutes away from Woodbine Race Track where that pic of her was taken (I can tell by the pic). I also go to Fort Erie's Track alot also.

I am so sorry about your mom, but that is a great ribute to her.
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Hi ady,
I couldn't remember what the race track name was. Thanks! Are you a regular there?
The horse is owned by Dennis Brown. If you see him, tell him I say hi!
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I go as often as I can since I live only 5 min away - I'll keep my eyes out for him!
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