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Phosphate binders?

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My cat, Khadija, has been on a pill form of phosphate binders which has helped tremendously with managing her early stages of kidney failure. When I went in to renew her prescription today I was told that the vet could no longer get pills and instead they gave me a huge bottle of mint flavored antacid liquid that has the phosphate binder as the main ingredient. Thas is really awful first because I hate giving liquid...pills are so much easier to administer and second (and most importantly) the mint flavor is really offensive to Khadija...she drooled and spit out most of the stuff when I gave it to her tonight.

Is anyone else having trouble getting the pill form of phosphate binders? If you are using the pills, please share with me the name of the medication so I can see whether I can track some down.

Thanks so much for your help.
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Renae, Sierra takes Epakitin. It's in powder form and comes with a little spoon. She gets an even scoop (about 1/4 tsp) with each meal. I mix it with about 1 tsp of tuna water water, which she licks right up, and follow it with her food. Since beginning this medication, her labs have greatly improved. We get it through her Vet, but it can also be ordered online with a prescription. I wonder what Khadija would think of this?
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I would check and see if your vet will call it in to a local pharmacy, or find out if they can have it compounded somewhere if the pills are easier to give.
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Les0304, thanks so much for the idea of compounding. I didn't think about that being a possibility!

Stephanie, I found Epakitin on line at Vet Depo. I printed out the info on the link you gave and will take it to my vet later today to see whether it would be okay (want to check Khadija's calcium level on her last blood labs to make sure she doesn't have elevated calcium levels, which would keep me from using the Epakitin). Thanks for the information and I am especially excited about this possibility since it has worked so well with Sierra.
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Great, Renae! I'm looking forward to knowing Khadija's calcium levels and your Vet's thoughts about the Epakitin.

On the subject of compounding, Sierra's Norvasc is compounded in cod liver oil which she finds a bit tasty, and has made this once daily medication a much more pleasant experience for her. It would sure be more appealing to Khadija than mint flavored antacid, yuck!
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