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teaching a kitten

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My kitten is now 13 weeks old. She is a furball full of energy. She has some habits I want to break. I have been using the squirt bottle which she doesn't like. So far, though I haven't managed to get her to stop jumping on my legs, she has stopped using her claws on my leg. So now, basically, she jumps and pats me on my leg which is better but I'd like her to stop doing that too. I haven't had any luck though getting her to stop biting fingers. Any pointers on this? My main source of discipline is the squirt bottle, when she bites I have the squirt bottle on mist and squirt her in the face. This doesn't seem to discourage her very much. I also tried having the shaker nearby and using that but the shaker doesn't bother her at all... sure does send my other cat flying though....

How to stop finger bitings? I never ever use my fingers as toys or wiggle them for her.
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The funny thing about finger biting is that your natural reaction to it makes this game funner. Normally when a kitten bites your hand it hurts and usually you pull away and that makes doing it even more desirable. I've found with kittens it's best when they bite to not move. I know it sounds silly not to move your hand away from a biting cat but when you move your hand you're renforcing her behavior.

As for teaching her some manners you should look into clicker training. It's a fun way for you and her to interact and you will be teaching her good behaviors. Here's a link if you're interested. Clicker Training
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Biting is a normal reaction and just a suggestion, try putting the squirt bottle away and when she does something to you that you don't like blow gently in her face one time, and tell her NO. Works everytime, and the cat does not end up fearing water so that baths in the future are not a problem.
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