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big tea drinker here! my faves
stash's double bergamot earl grey - simply the best earl grey i've ever had, anywhere!
stash's chocolate hazelnut decaf
bigelow's mint medley & plantation mint
Numi's jasmine pearls
celestial seasonings blueberry breeze

i used to love celestial seasonings straberry fields, but they stopped making it about 10 years ago. then i loved their strawberry kiwi, which they stopped making about 2-3 years ago. so far, i haven't found a good strawberry to take their place
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDream
Does it really, cause that's what I got going on right now is a start of a migraine (computer not the best idea I'm sure). And Midrin did nothing for me but knock me out and Imitrex gave me the skin crawlies. It's hard to describe, just the willies I suppose and like shocks down my jaw when I'd eat or drink anything.

So I'm stuck with tons of motrin.
ginger tea is supposed to be good for migraine - it helps with the nausea. imitrex gives me the skin crawlies, too, but also usually gets rid of the headaches. i've found execedrin + ibuprofen + ketoprofen to be the best OTC combo for mine. something about the combination seems to work better than they do in isolation
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Some ppl wonder how i drink Green Tea without any sweeteners
but i have been drinking it for almost a year now and im so used to
it that it doesn't bother me i've lost alot of weight
from drinking it....Gotta love that
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I love Twinings Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey teas - they're great every day teas. And my husband is bringing me back 100 packs of teabags on the way back from Australia - yayyy!! I miss being able to buy large packs of tea!

There's a tea shop near us called Teavana, and they blend hot and iced teas and have them available to try in the store, as well as having a huge range of loose leaf teas to buy. The best thing about this store is being able to try their blends, and they'll also make up any loose leaf tea in a cup (hot or iced), so you can try before you buy! You have to pay for the cup of tea, but it's great for a good cup of tea if you're wandering the shops, or just to try the tea before you buy heaps of it and decide you don't like it.

i got a great blend from there which is a Rooibos Caramel (South African Rooibos with pure caramel bits and safflower petals) and MateVana (Deliciously smooth blend of toasted Yerba Mate, almond bits, crushed cocoa beans, cactus blossoms, sunflower and cornflower petals. This herbal tea contains a stimulant similar to caffeine, although without the jitteriness or addictive tendencies). It's really delicious!

They also had a blend that was fantastic iced tea - it was Strawberry Kiwi mixed with Honeybush Vanilla - very nice!

As for the off topic migraine remedy going... Last time I got a migraine, it was horrible, and the next day I felt fuzzy and listless all day. I got some Excedrin Migraine, and within about 15 minutes I was hyper and happy again!! It made a huge difference! Next time I get a migraine I'll be really trying to take it as soon as the symptoms start to see if it will either stop the migraine or reduce the symptoms.
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Oh yes...a good cup of tea

Recently I've been drinking a lot of chamomile, peppermint and verveine tea (the French like to drink it after meals and it's quite interesting - I find towards the end it tastes just like cow-warm fresh milk ) to soothe my upset stomach, but I love a good cup of Earl Grey with some milk/cream and just a hint of sugar to bring out the tast

A few years ago me and my parents went to London and in Chelsea we found a shop (can't remember the name, sorry) where they sold a *huge* range of tea, coffee and also the accessories, like mugs, special cutlery, kettles etc. and just tasting a few of the teas was delicious!!!!
Apart from that I like going to our local tea stores (we have two in town plus an organic store where good tea is sold) and if I'm visiting my parents, I also shop at a national tea chain store called Tee Gschwendner - incredibly yummy!
Time to head back to the kettle...
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Last night Scot and I tried Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger. I've had it hot before, but this time I made it iced, and it was sooooooo good. I didn't use any sweetener either. I don't use sweetener in any of the tea I drink.
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Anyone ever try white tea? it's really good
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I swear i already posted here but I couldn't find my post when I quickley scrolled through...

Anywhoo I enjoy Republic of Tea (Ginger Peach and Honey Ginsing Green Tea, their Pomegranite tes is good too) Oh I like most of thiers except the few anise/licorice flavours. I like Tazo Mint tea and most of all the Camomile/Peppermint Tea my boyfriend makes for me once a month
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Originally Posted by chelle
Anyone ever try white tea? it's really good
I bought some Celestial Seasonings white tea, Perfectly Pear flavor. Partially because I wanted to try it, and partially because it has a picture of a Siamese cat on the box I haven't opened it, though, so I can't tell if it's any good or not.

White tea is supposed to have less caffeine than black or green tea, right?
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I drink Lipton,Tazo and Stash teas...they are good but the Tazo is
kinda expensive
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Originally Posted by sarahp
There's a tea shop near us called Teavana
I am jealous! There isn't one up here but there is one 10 mins from our office in Florida so whenever we are getting a package from them or someone from our office goes down to help out they get a shopping list
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Does any one know of some good websites to read more about Green
Teas and their health benefits?
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My favorite teas can be found in the grocery stores. I do a lot of celstial seasoning teas, but my all time favorite (probably because I've grown up drinking it) is the red rose tea. I prefer it with a little sugar and milk...and one of my grandmother's bran muffins! Oh so good!

We also occasionally make a green iced tea. But we will add a bag or two of raspberry tea to the green tea when brewing it. My MIL makes it but squeeses fresh lemons in it too. Another favorite is sun tea!
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I sometimes will add a little lemon to my Green tea as makes
it taste sweeter
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Hong Kong Milk Tea!!! This tea is bomb! I do not know if you can find it in regular stores. However, if you have a cafe or store that is tailored toward tea, it should carry it. If anyone is up here in Anchorage, Alaska, stop by the Summit Spice and Tea company - it is great!
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I've heard of Honk kong tea before...can you send me some? lol
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I LOVE The Republic of Tea's Red Chai tea. It is absolutely wonderful.

I'm an Earl Grey fan too, Lipton brand.

I own a "Mrs. Tea" electric's fabulous. I'm actually drinking some Red Chai right now for breakfast.
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I get all of my tea from a place here in St Paul called the Tea Source. My mom is a tea fanatic and she only buys from there, as well. They have a website- - and you can order from them. I recommend Tea Source Gold, Emporer's Blend, and White Peony. Oh, and Green Tea Melange! Fantastic.
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I've become such a Green Tea addict that's it's not even funny lol
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I like to drink that Heath & Heather's Herbal Tea.... they have a night time tea that really unwinds you for bedtime. But alot of there tea is great. I got the sampler pack as a gift, and keep it at my house for whenever I feel in the mood for tea! Here is the link:
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I like the nightime tea really helps to relax you
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