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Amputation question

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Oh my goodness....I came across this on another cat web site. The vet had not yet responded and I know that we have some excellent vet techs here. Anyone have suggestions for this poor kitty? I will pass along any advice y'all have.

We are located where there is no vet (island in the South Pacific). Cat came home with tail "stripped" to the bone and had to amputate. Has about 2" left, but it has been nearly 3 months and it will not heal. I keep it clean and dressed (have also tried undressed to get more air, but cannot keep it clean) it is not infected, has no odor, just a nice pink stub with no skin.
I am at a loss as to what to do with this poor cat... he is thin, but eats and is otherwise healthy. I have tried band aids, nu-skin, neosporin, fingers from white cotton gloves, and am now using mini-pads with a piece of ACE bandage wrapped on it (he is not pulling this off, so it seems to be a good solution), but the problem is it still won't grow new skin... Our one vet has been ill and the office closed. We did the amputation ourselves (with surgical scissors) as there was no hope of saving the tail (no flesh, just bone), it looked like he was caught in something and pulled it all off...

I had him on antibiotics at first and when the swelling went down and it was pink I stopped. There is not only no fur, there is no skin! (but nice and pink & healthy flesh) - I've been searching the web, but no luck so far (with a person I guess you would do a skin graft?) - his name is "Ginger" and he is about 6 years old and nutered (he was a jungle kitty who decided he would adopt us about 5 years ago!).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated... Thank You!
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Not sure if I understand this completely... The owners did the amputation themselves? Was the tail sutured or left to granulate in?
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With a tail stripped to the bone, I am thinking some sort of tropical bacteria helping it along? I would be afraid of blood poisoning or toxic shock at this point. poor kitty
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Home Amputation?? That poor kitty!! When they do it in a professional manor, they overlap the existing skin, it will not just grow skin by itself. The cat needs to see a vet before the poor thing end up with more problems.
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