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DT Saturday

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Since noone started this, guess I'll do it, before I go to work. Its , only 94, as yet. Bill's sisters and brother-in-law are due, any minute. He'll go out to lunch with them. I don't have time to go, before work. Had to content myself with a chicken sandwich. Hope you all have a good weekend.
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70 and overcast today. Working in the yard in spurts. We had a bad storm blow through last night and lots of limbs down, but not nearly as bad as the last mini tornado that hit. The horses are full of themselves, I don't think they slept much last night in the thunderstorm. The McKenzie clan is doing great, both the babies were waiting on the stairs for me this morning and they are both now eating wet food. Mom is going in and out of heat like a stop watch and I am taking her in after the holiday to get her spayed. She is so young, she should of never had kittens to begin with, but to her credit she is a great mom. I got some new pics of the family will develop pretty soon and post them.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day.........I'm off to mow the fence line (relax, it's a riding lawn mower)
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Happy Saturday! I'm in work because of someone else's mistake. But, it hasn't been too much of a wasted day. I had the urge to change something about my hair (I get that feeling every 6 months or so), so I went to my salon and got highlights (red and lighter brown). It looks neat and was a good pick-me-up. After I'm done here, I'm going home, turning on the AC and watching movies (it's too hot to do anything outside).

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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Hey all

Got my lazy butt out of bed and went to yoga this morning. (that's why I wasn't at my IM for all my buds who hit me up while I was gone)

Man yoga was tough! I can't wait until I've dont it enough that it's easier. Afterward I went to the natural food market and picked up some bulgur wheat and better than peanut butter. Then on to the normal grocery store to get the other stuff. I'm trying out a new recipe tomorrow called Italian crockpot chicken. I have a new resolution, to make one new recipe a week, or to try something new. To keep from getting bored. I find myself eating the a lot of the same things so I want to keep it interesting. If this recipe is a keeper I'll post it for you all.

Got some laundry going but other than that I'm caught up on most of the house work so today will be lazy from here on out.

hope everyone has a wonderful saturday!
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Question: Can anyone tell me what this thread is about? The DT stands for..... I've been reading it daily and I'm just curious.
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DT stands for "Daily Thread".
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This is just where we all share what goes on with our day and catch up our lives. Anne started this a long time ago and it caught on and sometimes the board gets busy and the thread isn't started on a daily basis, but most times, it is here.
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Thanks Guys!

I kind of thought this was what the intention was.

Great idea.
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