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Acting Differently

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Hi, I had some questions that i was wondering if someone can answer.
My male cat is going to be 2 years old in August, and he hasn't been to you know "jumpy" lately, always so serious, when he was young he would give us scratches til the eye with his craziness, could he be more mature or something? He only shows affection if he gets a full nights sleep. i bought some toys and cat nip, and i get no reaction, he avoids toys, and play time.. what should i do?
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Maybe he is not feeling so well - if this is a change from his normal behavior it is definatley time for a thorough check up from the VET.
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He's been like this for atleast a year, is there anyway i could get him to play?
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If he's been like this for a year, it's not really 'recently' it's over half his life! Any 'recent' changes should be looked at by a vet.

It sounds like he's just not a kitten anymore.

Does he have any prey-like toys or interactive wand toys? Most cats find these unresistable.
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If there's been no sudden change I'd guess he's just one of those cats who isn't too playful once he reaches adulthood. Most will slow down a bit at that age but while some will remain kittenish well into adulthood others will calm down and leave their playful ways behind them! You could try some new games to see if anything gets him jumping around. Try tying a piece of meat (wrapped in paper) or a cat treat to a piece of string and drag it along the ground - most cats will run after that!
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Mandy is a crazy kitty, loves any kind of meat.. im afraid to feed him anything so he doesnt choke. he doesnt like cat nip, my female cat whom is pregnant lost interest in toys too, just two weeks ago, could it b becuz of her pregnancy?
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maybe it's just a "guy" thing. every boy wants to grow up and be like marlon brando.
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